Paris Blog: Bertie’s CupCakery Opening in Paris!

Since this is a Paris life post I thought it was important to give everyone the fantastic news of how Paris life for us as we know it is about to change!  This is because Bertie’s CupCakery is now officially a registered business here in Paris, France.

Things have been in the works now for a little while, but we wanted to keep it under wraps until we knew for sure all of the nitty gritty legal stuff was out of the way.  If you want to know more details on the shop, grand opening dates, or even just upcoming flavors be sure to head over to the new website and sign up for the newsletter!

For now, since I already have your attention, I’ll give you a sneak peek of the street view of the shop and some sketches I drew up for the interior designer/architect.

IMG_6952This is just the street view, Bertie’s is the little red shop there in the middle (taken before construction started). If you want to know the street address you can find it here.

These are my “ideas” drawings to help communicate to designers, carpenters and construction crews what I am looking for in some of the aspects of the shop.  This helps to transcend some of the language barriers.  Below is the main cupcake display stand as folks enter the CupCakery.

Display Front

And here’s what it would look like from behind the stand – looking out towards the street.  Yup, those be centimeters you see there – we’ve cutover from Americana measurements into the land of metric.

Display Back

I am sure this hasn’t painted the clearest picture for you, but I’ve been picturing this I my head for years!  So have no worries, this is going to be one classy cupcake boutique!

I hope you are excited as well are, live is about to take on a whole new meaning!

Bon appétit!


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  1. ill try it next time i’m in paris… this tuesday if I have the time before the flight! ;-)

  2. If I get to Paris I’ll make a turn, good luck

  3. I am so coming to Paris!
    Both my Wife and my Son loves cakes (and Paris) and so do I. My wife would be quite surprised that I’ll manage to furfill her passion for cakes trough my passion of running since she is always complaining how my running world is boring and stuff :)

    See you in Paris sometime in the Future

  4. Do you guys need a good PR Agency in Paris?
    2 friends of mine can maybe help you for the publicity ;)
    link to

  5. Nice one, i need a cakes place in paris :)

  6. Congratulations! All the best on your new endeavor!

  7. Cool Ray, very exciting, does the girl speak French? If not, this could be interesting.

  8. Congratulations! This is exciting! Wishing you and the girl all the success!

  9. Like they say in Paris (and some other parts in the world as well): Bonne chance!

  10. DEFINITELY dropping by next time in Paris. I actually do come by Paris from time to time, DC on the other hand is quite a trip from Sweden. Best of luck!

  11. Wow, a block from Notre Dame! I’ll be stopping in for some mini cakes in April.

  12. So very cool! Congrats!

  13. I am so happy for you! How surreal it must feel to make your dreams come true in Paris!

  14. Will Bertie’s have overnight shipping to the US?

  15. bob

    i am jealous of your life

  16. I have to change TGV’s in Paris on Oct 7th, and again on Oct 11th, with an hour to spare.
    Will I be able to grab a cupcake then?

  17. Hmm, maybe, though, I think you might miss us by a day or two! :( But hit us up when you’re closer. We’ll likely have test samples that day. :)

  18. Dave Crook

    link to

    Sent the girls around yesterday for a cup cake while they are in Paris. Alas the shop was closed. Maybe they’ll get back there before the leave on friday.

  19. Katrina

    Called in whilst we were in Paris this week on the recommendation of hubby (“Steely”) who has been following your blog for a while. Met Bertie. She’s lovely! Have now been twice and hope to go again tomorrow before we leave. Can highly recommend the salted caramel ones though the choc and vanilla ones got a great report from my mum and daughter!

  20. scott

    will be in Paris for spring break -April 9-12. Look forward to some decadent cupcake eating.