Moving to Paris

Paris Blog: A time-lapse video–Moving into the apartment in 40 seconds (and what happens when a box falls from five stories up)

Last week, we showed you our final apartment selection with the House Hunters style series.  However, getting all of our stuff into our apartment was probably even more fun. This was for two reasons.  First, we quite honestly weren’t sure … Read More Here

Paris Blog: House Hunters International–Part II

(We left off last week with us narrowing it down to three houses from over a dozen…check out that post first if you’re just joining us) Before we announce our selection, let’s recap the houses.  After a lot of comparing … Read More Here

Paris Blog: House Hunters International–Part I

Amidst the craziness of gutting out and fixing up our house, Ray and I both transited across the Atlantic twice to play what we self titled “House Hunters International”. Granted we weren’t actually on the hit reality show, but we … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Putting the house on the market

There was a bit of delay since our last Paris post and this is primarily due to for how busy life has become. Moving houses can be a bit of a production, but downsizing from a full American townhouse house … Read More Here

We’re moving to Paris…tomorrow!

Yup, that’s right, we’re packing up shop and moving over to the land of chocolate macaroons!  Actually, rather, we’ve already packed up shop – over three weeks ago.  The stuff is slowly plodding it’s way across the Atlantic (just off … Read More Here