Food in Paris

A Night at Diner en Blanc 2015!

There are a near never-ending flow of cool events and things to do within the city, but I think that there’s really a handful of events that rise above everything else into the ‘Epic’ status category.  Some of these are … Read More Here

Paris Blog: An evening market cooking class

With the summer over, it’s time to get some more Paris Blog posts up and (no pun intended) – cookin’ again.  In fact, cooking would be the name of the game tonight.  We had kept on toying with the idea … Read More Here

Paris Blog: A look at the one and the only Parisian Chipotle

When we were living in the US, we didn’t eat at fast food places too frequently.  And when we did, it generally trended more towards ‘healthier’ fast food variants (i.e. Subway, Quiznos, etc…).  And then there was Chipotle.  Chipotle was … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Friday night date night…at the restaurant supply store

While many couples may go out on the town on Friday night in Paris (or anywhere else for that matter), we’ve gone and created a bit of a twist on the traditional Friday night date night.  In our case, we … Read More Here

A look at our neighborhood farmers market

The markets in Paris are amongst the most well known markets in the world.  Every tour book and online site talks about having to go check out the various farmers markets, with many recommending specific markets to see. But the … Read More Here

Paris Blog: The Dancing Goose Market

A couple weeks ago around 10AM on a Friday morning a brass band started playing somewhere across the street.  Since moving to Paris, we’ve long gotten used to various impromptu musical performances.  Full scale marching bands, solo guitarists, religious processions, … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Going to the farm and picking fresh produce!

One of the things we both really enjoy doing is going to u-pick farms and picking our own fruits and vegetables.  In the past, we’ve primarily picked apples, blueberries, and strawberries.  Given it’s fall (crazy, huh?), we figured it was … Read More Here

A long ride from Paris

This weekend I was back in Paris, following up on a trip from a few weeks ago with a pile more meetings on Thursday/Friday.  Given the opportunity to tie it into the weekend, I figured I’d forgo traditional American BBQ … Read More Here