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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

There happens to be a few weekends each year that we know will be crazy busy…and this is one of them.  It’s just a bit of a stars aligning sorta of things, where every possible event is on one weekend … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Just a very short 40ish hours back at home this weekend in between trips – but I made the most of it.  Here’s what I was up to! 1) Flew back from Canada I started off my weekend with a … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Summer is definitely in full swing here in Paris – with this weekend being especially busy!  Here’s what we were up to! 1) Independence Day Celebrations! For those non-Americans in the crowd, Independence Day (aka July 4th) was this past … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Past Weekend

I’m operating on a bit of a 1-day broadcast delay this week, and not because I’m trying to protect anyone from any wardrobe malfunctions – but rather simply because it was a busy weekend as you’ll see below.  Plus, we’ve … Read More Here

A brief weekend at home celebrating

After speaking at the ANT+ Symposium on Thursday, I caught a flight back home to Paris on Friday morning, which ultimately would plop me at the Charles de Gaulle airport at 9:25AM Saturday morning.  In general, when coming from west … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Bertie’s CupCakery- June Update!

(Written by The Girl, here’s a link to her last update!) Hi everyone! It’s that time again for an update from Bertie’s CupCakery. I meant to give another update before now, but things at the shop have been super busy … Read More Here

Spring has sprung–and some first thoughts on the Basis watch

Woot!  For a brief moment on Saturday, it was both sorta sunny, and sorta warm.  Which, by my definition means it’s spring. This weekend was crazy busy, but also a nice segue into a semi-normalized triathlon-focused training schedule for me.  … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Friday night date night…at the restaurant supply store

While many couples may go out on the town on Friday night in Paris (or anywhere else for that matter), we’ve gone and created a bit of a twist on the traditional Friday night date night.  In our case, we … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Bertie’s CupCakery – December Update!

Hello from Bertie’s CupCakery!  Before I start in on all of the news, I would first and foremost like to thank all of the DCR readers who have personally visited the CupCakery or referred their friends & family to the … Read More Here

A weekend full of power meter testing

Above.  That’s what’s been setup this weekend as I prepare reviews concurrently on a load of power related products and trainers. And honestly, it’ll be setup like that all week.  Our dinner table transported 10 feet to the left to … Read More Here

A look at the opening weekend of our bakery

After weeks of preparations (really months), the big opening of our cupcake shop in Paris happened this weekend.  Mostly her shop really, I’m just there to taste cupcakes (no really, that’s what I do). Well actually, I’m also there to … Read More Here

New gadgets delivered via FedEx bike and a hop through Turkey

For the first time since being here in France, I noticed that one of our packages actually came by way of a FedEx bike carrier – which is pretty cool: And the day of delivery was hardly all nice and … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Bertie’s CupCakery Opening in Paris!

Since this is a Paris life post I thought it was important to give everyone the fantastic news of how Paris life for us as we know it is about to change!  This is because Bertie’s CupCakery is now officially … Read More Here