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Paris Blog: A Trip to A French Costco- Wine tasting, caviar, and so much fromage!

It’s been far too long since I posted in the ‘Paris Blog’ section.  When we first moved over here (5 years ago this month!!!), we posted slightly more often.  Now much of what used to be Paris Blog material has … Read More Here

A Night at Diner en Blanc 2015!

There are a near never-ending flow of cool events and things to do within the city, but I think that there’s really a handful of events that rise above everything else into the ‘Epic’ status category.  Some of these are … Read More Here

Our Christmas Tree by Parisian Velib Bikeshare: 2014 Edition

Earlier this week The Girl and I made our sorta-annual trek to pickup a Christmas tree at the nearby market.  The first year we returned home via Velib (the bike share system).  Last year, we ended up walking it home.  … Read More Here

Paris Blog: A Road Trip to the French Coast

As I alluded to earlier in the week, The Girl and I headed out of town Sunday afternoon to enjoy a bit of a road trip. Things have been crazy busy the last few months with my work travel and … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Let the new bells ring!

Yesterday celebrated the installation of the new bells at Notre Dame.  Though, the process has taken a wee bit longer than just one day.  A little over a month ago they paraded the bells through the streets of Paris, en … Read More Here

Paris Blog: How we get shipments & mail from the US to France

(Quick FYI: By popular request, I’ve pulled the Paris Blog posts back into the main RSS feed – thanks for the feedback everyone!) When we moved over to France, one of my biggest concerns was actually how to deal with … Read More Here

A look at our neighborhood farmers market

The markets in Paris are amongst the most well known markets in the world.  Every tour book and online site talks about having to go check out the various farmers markets, with many recommending specific markets to see. But the … Read More Here

Paris Blog: The process of voting from 3,847 miles away

With the US elections tomorrow, I thought some folks might find it interesting to understand how I voted from overseas.  While the process is somewhat similar to absentee voting, there are a handful of differences.I had originally heard that a … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Protesting in the ladies department

I was out running errands the other day and stopped in one of the big Paris department stores – BHV.  Despite it only being a few blocks away, I hadn’t gone in yet.  But I was in need of two … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Watching a fashion show from my window

I continue to be amazed by how real the fashion ‘scene’ is in Paris.  Sure, you think of Paris and fashion as intertwined, but it’s not until you see fashion shoots on a regular basis that you realize it’s all … Read More Here

Paris Blog: The Dancing Goose Market

A couple weeks ago around 10AM on a Friday morning a brass band started playing somewhere across the street.  Since moving to Paris, we’ve long gotten used to various impromptu musical performances.  Full scale marching bands, solo guitarists, religious processions, … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Bertie’s CupCakery Opening in Paris!

Since this is a Paris life post I thought it was important to give everyone the fantastic news of how Paris life for us as we know it is about to change!  This is because Bertie’s CupCakery is now officially … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Going to the farm and picking fresh produce!

One of the things we both really enjoy doing is going to u-pick farms and picking our own fruits and vegetables.  In the past, we’ve primarily picked apples, blueberries, and strawberries.  Given it’s fall (crazy, huh?), we figured it was … Read More Here

Paris Blog: The Beaches (Paris Plages)

Let’s make this clear up front – Paris is nowhere near a beach.  The closest oceanesque body of water with sand is roughly 200 kilometers away – and the water there isn’t terribly warm either (the nice stuff is down … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Closing Time

When we first got to Paris back in June, many folks made reference to shops closing during August to allow for vacations.  Having been to Europe dozens of times before, I was certainly aware of the practice – which enables … Read More Here

Paris Blog: A time-lapse video–Moving into the apartment in 40 seconds (and what happens when a box falls from five stories up)

Last week, we showed you our final apartment selection with the House Hunters style series.  However, getting all of our stuff into our apartment was probably even more fun. This was for two reasons.  First, we quite honestly weren’t sure … Read More Here

Paris Blog: House Hunters International–Part II

(We left off last week with us narrowing it down to three houses from over a dozen…check out that post first if you’re just joining us) Before we announce our selection, let’s recap the houses.  After a lot of comparing … Read More Here

Paris Blog: House Hunters International–Part I

Amidst the craziness of gutting out and fixing up our house, Ray and I both transited across the Atlantic twice to play what we self titled “House Hunters International”. Granted we weren’t actually on the hit reality show, but we … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Putting the house on the market

There was a bit of delay since our last Paris post and this is primarily due to for how busy life has become. Moving houses can be a bit of a production, but downsizing from a full American townhouse house … Read More Here

Paris Blog: House Cleaning – 8 Years of Stuff!

(Side Note: Until the separate Paris Blog feed gets all setup in the next few weeks, both posts will be fed into this/current feed.  Hang tight, you might just enjoy the content!  And, in case you missed it – we’re … Read More Here