Corned Beef, Pools, and Cupcakes (though, not all together)

The weekend started like any good weekend should – with cupcakes being made.  The Girl was back at it after her adventures to the NYC’s Magnolia bakery, making loads of cupcakes.


Though, the Girl’s were far better – plus, they had the obvious bonus benefit: Unlimited supply of free cupcakes.

Saturday brought plenty of water – in the form of never ending rain.  And while the river in front of my house didn’t flood this weekend, it did provide for its usual pre-flood-stage entertainment.  All assortment of things float on by – basketballs, logs, RV’s from West Virginia.

However, it also brought more water in the form of pool water.  I had a pool & trainer brick to knock out – one virtually identical to the one I wrote about last week.

My swim times were on par with a few days prior, so I was content with that.  At the moment it’s about trying to find a pace for next weekend’s indoor tri – too hard/dast and I sacrifice my bike and run times.  Too easy and I lose laps on the swim.


After the swim I staked out a spot under a shelter on the grounds of the rec center.  This particular county rec center has a ton of ball fields, woodland and extra park grounds that surround it.  It even has a carousel ride:


And a train caboose:


I have no idea why it has a train caboose – there was no signage for it.  It’s very random.  Nonetheless – I setup shop and pointed towards caboose.  And the carouse is behind me as well.


And then I cycled.  It wasn’t very long, just a good quick brick effort at about 320w sustained.  While I was pedaling away I noticed ahead of me that it appeared the entire structure was being held up by some packing tape:


But upon closer inspection – I’m going to consider it just some interior decorating…I hope.


After I was done I checked out the camera on the tripod – had to make sure it was still happy despite the occasional rain squall:


Sunday morning brought the St. Patrick’s Day 8K race.  But, I’m going to save all the details of that PR for tomorrow’s post.


After the race I got in all sorts of mindless TV watching time.  It’s nice to just relax and do nothing for a while.  Though, I ate a few more cupcakes.  A few times.

Eventually I got un-lazy and cooked up a proper St. Patrick’s Day Meal (yes, St. Patrick’s day isn’t for a few days, but mid-week is always a bit more difficult).


I went a bit more traditional than last time I cooked corned beef (that rendition was pretty fancy) – which meant it was simply quicker and easier… 🙂


Other than that – I’m back to mindlessly watching TV.  It’s great!  Have a good week all!


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  1. Love the self portrait picture.

  2. I am at a loss with the cup cake fascination!?!

    No boiled bacon and cabbage…to be sure!

  3. The self portrait is hysterical!

    And I REMEMBER that park! I don’t know why I was there (it wasn’t the neighborhood I lived in) but I remember walking around near that caboose and everything else! How weird!

  4. I certainly hope there was not a functional component to the packing tape! Great self portrait.

    The corned beef looks yummy. Where did you get your recipe from? Love me some good Irish food for St. Patrick’s Day!