2009 Army 10 Miler Time-lapse

I went out earlier this morning to watch a bit of the Army 10 Miler race, which has over 21,000 folks running in it.  I was also playing with a new digital camera, so I ended up creating this time-lapse video of over 1,200 photos representing 42 minutes (one still every 2 seconds).  That’s how long it took for everyone to pass by me (at just mile 1.25, before people really spread out!).

Here it is on Vimeo (in Hi-Def no less!):

(2009 Army 10 Miler Timelapse on Vimeo, here’s the YouTube version if you prefer, though it doesn’t look as nice…)

For those curious on the technical deets:

Taken on 10/4/2009 (Sunday) from 8:07AM to 8:49AM on the Memorial Bridge in Washington DC (mile marker 1.25ish). Shot with a Canon 7D DSLR camera using a 18-55EFS lens. Photos taken every 2 seconds using a remote control timer, totaling 1,226 photos taking up 7.54GB – for this one series alone.  Photos bulk post-processed in Adobe Lightroom, sequenced using Apple QuickTime Pro and then final ‘movie’ put together using Windows Live Movie Maker.

More on the rest of the weekend in a bit…(including a few more time-lapses from the day…and some cupcakes)


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  1. And that as they say was that!

    What fun!

  2. Thanks for posting… I found your video on you tube initially. I’m going to share on my blog… I’ll take it down if you object. Thanks again for coming out to support us. :-)

  3. Pretty cool video… thanks for sharing :)

  4. Anonymous

    Where did you get your hands on a 7D with the 15-85? Seems to be out of stock everywhere

  5. Anonymous

    Sorry meant 18-55

  6. I had the 18-55 lens from an older Digital Rebel. I picked up the body, oddly enough, from just a local camera store (Penn Camera) after some pre-orders they had fell through.

  7. Joe

    Thanks for posting that, very awesome video. I saw you out on the bridge while running past, love reading the blog.

  8. Anonymous

    Nice, I’m still waiting for my pre-order to come through (amazon fail…).

    What intervalometer did you use to get the camera to snap every 2 seconds?

  9. I used this one:

    link to amazon.com

    You can set it down to as little as 1s (perhaps more, should I read the manual..which is unlikely). Super-easy to use though, definitely recommend it.

  10. Hey, I saw you during the race and thought, “I wonder if that’s DC Rainmaker, kind of looks like him?”

    Cool video, this was a great race to run (and not just because I set a PR!).

  11. Anonymous

    MR..Rainmaker it seems that you talent knows no boundaries. triathlete and a digital videographer.. what’s next


  12. OK, All you people running on the sidewalk…there is plenty of room to run on the pavement of the bridge! Get off the sidewalk. You paid an entry fee to run in the streets….so run in the streets!!!

  13. Anonymous

    Nice video! I’m in there somewhere :)