In many ways, my weekends are somewhat predictable.  Run, Swim, Laze Around, Sleep, Bike, Run.  Repeat.  But, I try and mix things up as much as possible to keep the routine from becoming stagnant.


I met up with the running group a touch after 7AM.  The route was put together to allow runners to race in the Kelly Cares 5K race that morning through and around Del Ray.  While I wasn’t racing, I did do the pre-run, and then watched an assortment of friends race.  The great thing about 5K races is that they are pretty much over, done and wrapped up in under an hour for everyone.  None of this 17-hour nonsense.  And unlike the massive 5K event going on downtown at the same time, this one only had about 500 people in it – which was cool because then I could cheer for each person individually as they streamed by over a period of 35 or so minutes, from little kids (like 5 y.o.) racing to ‘seniors’.

Oh btw, it was humid as all getup yesterday morning.  Far more humid than my time spent in the Amazon jungle.  Just standing there you were soaked.  Having it be 98* didn’t help either.

In order to rectify that situation… I went to the pool.  I hit up an outdoor pool I had just found out about on Thursday.  Figures, a pool only a mile or so away from me and I never knew it existed.


(The Alexandria Old Town pool, just one block from King Street and the King Street Metro station)

It was pretty nice.  Another triathlete was also there at the same time, so we chatted a bit.  The water temp was perfect, although at only 3’ deep, in another few weeks it could get a wee bit warm.  While I was there the Washington DC NBC affiliate came by and was filming.  I didn’t make the cut for the evening news – but my pull buoy did sitting at the end of my lane did.  Woot – go PB!  I would spend the time to transcode the little video and post it…but I’m lazy.


(Grr…my head’s too high out of the water, should be about half that much.  I was working on a different issue that set.  Oh, in case your wondering – waterproof digital still camera set to just video my swim and then I took a snapshot from that.)

After that…it was off to go pick strawberries!  I had stumbled upon the idea from Hungry Eye’s blog, and I hadn’t been out to the farm since last fall for apple picking season.  Perfect!  I had planned to go with one friend, but they bailed at the last second.  Ironically, another friend who was planning on going picking also had their mate bail as well.  So we teamed up and went to bring home the bacon…err..strawberries.


(A tiny portion of my massive flat of berries, pre-cleaning)

I brought home 9 pounds of strawberries.  Holy berry-crap I have no idea what I’m going to do with that many berries.  But they’re awesome!  Afterwards, it was off to the Fair.  The only fair I’ve been to before is out in Seattle, the Puyallup Fair (or as us Seattle folk say – ‘Do the Puyallup!’).  But this one was pretty cool and I had a good time, despite the fact that I’m a sissy and don’t go on any of the topsy-turny type rides as I’ll easily get sick.  Yes…sad and pathetic.



Back up to the mountains again for another ride on Skyline drive.  Today I only saw one squirrel.  Seriously – just one.  Apparently they have learned.  However, it appears that The Squirrel’s may have decided to bring in the big guns!  First, I saw numerous snakes (some alive…some not so much).  Although hitting a snake wouldn’t  likely take me down, it would make Mr. Cervelo unclean.  Then there were the two deer that taunted me.  But really – when The Squirrels pull out all the stops…they go the distance and enlist the help of the bears.

He was hanging out right in the middle of the road, just waiting for me.  This time I had plenty of time to slow down and stop – and check him out.  By the time I had gotten my camera out and on he had meandered off the road and into the woods, so my photos aren’t exactly great (well, they suck actually).  But…nonetheless – here’s Yogi!


A park ranger who just happened to be passing by at the same time said that this bear was about as big as you’ll get.  It was pretty darn big – despite how small it may look on my photo above.  After that, it was off to the top of my ride – Pinnacles Overlook, about 35 miles in (making it 70 in total).


(Since no one was around, I had to kinda situate my camera in an odd place, light conditions not ideal) 

After that, time to work my way back to town.  That includes a pretty fun section from Pinnacles until shortly after this tunnel, lots of quick turns at high speed (going downhill).  Overall I felt fairly strong after the bike.


Once back in town, it was time for the usual 5K brick afterwards.  Ugh – nothing like 96*+ temps and humidity up the ass, with a good measure of hills tossed in to make a fun little run out of it.  The only thing that kept me going was continually thinking about SNL’s Schweddy Balls skit and also thinking about all the folks doing Eagleman 70.3 suffering through the same thing…but for 13.1 miles.  I got back to the car…and simply collapsed into the grass for awhile.  Heat & Humidity for the win.


Finally, I got home and sorted 9 pounds of strawberries onto different sheets based on ‘grades’ and usability potential (less pretty ones for sorbet & pie, pretty ones for other things).


Then I made four quarts of fresh Strawberry Sorbet.  And two loaves of Strawberry Bread.   And a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie.  And I still have two sheets of strawberries left…


Ok, I’m done now.  Have a good week!


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  1. Yogi is a lot cuter when he’s on TV. Ok, photo – I believe!

    Isn’t berry picking fun? I went a month or so ago – and when u go with a young child, it’s even more fun! 9 lbs …gosh – you went crazy! But looks like you’re putting the strawberries to great use! A yummi feast to envy!

  2. If you chop the tops off, the ugly ones also make excellent ready made smoothie material when frozen…

  3. Yeah, the h&h (heat & humidity) won today. You did 13 miles? Ah, Gunga Dinn. I ran the Survivor 7 race in Baltimore this morning. Since I’ve done the 7-mile version 3 times, I tried the 3-mile version today (wimp factor–high, only women, and a few guys, were there). Glad I did the lesser version as the tale of the tape told the story–pace of 7:25, 7:45, 8:05. 20 seconds per mile rundown. Except for the fortuitious end of the race, I saw no end in sight for that downward progression. So,if I did 13 miles in a brick like you, would that be an, um, 11:25 last mile? Even as I sit sedentary typing this the sweat is pouring off me (no ac in the house). I used to live in Colorado where they had dry heat and my car never had ac, just windows that rolled down.

  4. Those strawberries look incredible! I am getting hungry just looking at your blog.

    Well, I made it back to the heat and humidity of Texas after cool, mild, and non-humid conditions in Switzerland and Italy. Funny thing is, it was nice to be outside at 9 pm and have the bank clock read 87 rather than to be bundled up in a jacket.

  5. Its a good thing you didn’t have any of those strawberries with you on the bike, otherwise Yogi might have avenged for the squirrels and taken matters into his own hands to have some freshly picked strawberries (and a Cervelo) for lunch.

  6. Squirrels hired Blackwater mercs to take you out. Logo is a pawprint after all.

  7. You and your battles with nature. I can’t believe it!!! Even getting up into the hills I never see this kind of stuff – squirrels, yes, but they seem to want to move out of my way as opposed to taking me down.

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. Those strawberries look SO YUMMY!!! I should look into finding a farm around here…

  8. …love the photo of you in the grass…

  9. …even if it was the heat killing you…

  10. your cooking is more of a workout than my workout is! saturday was brutal. come to think of it, so was sunday. and this morning wasn’t so fun either!

    nice pix of skyline. I’d love to ride up there sometime. minus the bear.

  11. Hey bear! the official warning to the bears in yellowstone.

    only 9 lbs? Wuss. Other uses….hot lady friend date perhaps?

  12. I’m famous!! Glad I inspired someone to go picking :) I hope to make it up there this weekend…hopefully it’s not too late.

  13. love that pic collapsed on the grass!

  14. I can’t believe the days you put in, dude … I get tired just reading about it.

    Love the strawberry pic, too!

  15. Any ticks in the long grass??? My biggest life fear is the tick!!

    Couldn’t wait to open your blog after vaca to see if new food photos had been posted. I wasn’t disappointed. It is almost blueberry time here, I may have to find a patch!