Ironman…or Rocketman?

Given that Ironman Canada has a few rather lengthy and steep hills, I’ve decided that some of my previously highlighted bikes won’t quite do the job.  Instead… I plan to invest in a bike that does a much better job really burning through my nutrition and knocking it out of the park.

Behold…the rocket bike:


Oh…but it gets better.  A lot better – actual a video of this mother in action.  Check it out:


Yes…75MPH.  Hmm…6-8MPH up Richter Pass…or 75MPH?  Tough choice.  Starting bids at only $650 – much cheaper than a pair of Zipps!


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  1. and shoot…anyone who drafts off of you..would get a penalty and a singed face, burnt hair….


  2. I’m thinking a pair of Zipps might be cheaper in the long run given fuel costs, not to mention the probability that this contraption might get you a Darwin award before it got you a finisher’s medal. But who am I to rain on your parade? Go right on and be RocketRainmaker!!! :D

  3. Ha ha…that’s hilarious. Still, I’m in agreement with Calyx – I think you’d be more probable to earn a Darwin than a podium.

    Thanks for the laugh!

  4. DC is going to a loan-a-bike program soon. Spose they’ll stock any of those bikes at the downtown bike stands for when you really gotta get somewhere fast, like RR?

  5. i’ve heard of those before…i think they are called…MOTORCYCLES!

    I want to see 75mph pedalling.

    I know. Never satisfied!

  6. LOL! I am so glad I was not drinking anything. Where do you find these crazy bike contraptions???

  7. I was sort of wondering what that strange sound was when I started the video …sounded a bit on the human side..and then I realized it was the bike!

    Thanks for sharing it – I honestly thought u had gotten another girlfriend for a sec!