Soccer, Sockeye, and Sights

Outside the realm of training, the weekend was also full of all sorts of other things.  In particular, Sunday was rather busy…here’s a recap.

Following a Sunday noon-time 4,100 yard swim, we rushed out the door and off to Fedex Field, to catch a friendly game between DC United and Real Madrid.  The Girl and her sister are good friends with some well connected soccer folks, so we got some kick-ass 5th row tickets.

IMGP5702 IMGP5705

IMGP5712SoccerPano IMGP5718 IMGP5720 IMGP5725 IMGP5728 While DC United did get its ass kicked, it was still a lot of fun.  It was impressive to watch Madrid hold back during the first half, and then in a 10 minute burst in the second half, just slam through three goals, before going back into ‘holding back’ mode.

On the way home we decided to pickup some Salmon, and they had Wild Sockeye from Seattle, so we went with that.

I made a quick rub, following this recipe from a Seattle chef, and then spread it about the fillet.

IMG_0209 IMG_0210 IMG_0217 From there, onto the grill it went on a cedar plank:

IMG_0218 Meanwhile, I worked on the fresh mozzarella and heirloom tomato salad, with a balsamic redution:



And at the same time, the Girl tossed together a quick salad, made some rice, set the table, grabbed some olives and made it all happen.  Though, I don’t have a pic of the rice. :(

IMG_0229 Finally, the fish was ready to, though my fish pics are a bit fuzzy, as it was getting dark by then.  That’s a pineapple-mango salsa on top of it… :)

IMG_0226 After dinner, we decided to head down and check out the monuments at night.  While we both do lots of running or cycling (or swimming as it may be) in and around the monuments and DC, we rarely just get to walk and enjoy them.  So the best part of the night might well have been the fact that we weren’t running.

Here’s a few pics I took along the way.

IMG_0237AAbove: The reflecting pool, with the Washington Monument and the Capitol behind it.
Below: The Korean War Memorial

IMG_0249A IMG_0251 Above: Looking across the World War II Memorial, built just five years ago this past June.
Below: Gold Stars at the WWII Memorial, each of the 4,000 stars represent 100 soldiers killed in action.

IMG_0268BIMG_0273A Above: The Girl sitting in front of the fountains, she didn’t know I was behind her
Below: Jefferson, illuminated across the Tidal Basin.

IMG_0285A So with that mini-tour of half of the National Mall, we’ll return to triathlon stuff in the next post.


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  1. You live such a classy life. You’re out grilling salmon, using the word “reduction”, and sight-seeing while my boyfriend and I watch the Simpsons and get drunk. :)

  2. LOL! I like Kelly’s comment :)

    Looks like fun was had by all. And now I’m hungry again – thanks.

  3. Food looked great! I guess it beats watching the Simpsons! lol Kelly!!!

  4. I loved that walk when I lived in DC. It’s so amazing at night.

    And that food looks amazing. Time to eat!

  5. Is it okay to say, or is it not okay to say, that soccer is (yawn) boring? They sure need to fix their offsides rule. The NHL offsides rule might envigorate their game so announcers don’t have to draw out, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLL!” for 2 minutes whenever an unlikely score occurs (that’s not offside!) due o a fluke no doubt and leading to some narcissistac shirt whipping off. Could you imagine Jim Palmer shouting “Scorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” for 2 minutes whenever a home run is hit? Even one not produced by juice? But soccer is so sacrosant to everyone but the 5% of the world that controls 60% of the globe’s money that the sport wouldn’t take a North America solution. So bring on the 0-0 ties! Followed by 45-60-90 minutes of scoreless OT (how many minutes do you have to suffer through in a real, as opposed to a Real, game?). I’m so glad that my 3 young’uns are past their soccer phase of development.

  6. It’s posts like this that makes me wish I lived in DC. Then I remember how cold it is in the winter.

  7. Beautiful pics of the monuments. Night is the best time to go over there.

  8. oooo…yummy looking food…do you take dinner guests??!! Loved the night pics at the monuments, as my dad always says, “Diamonds in your own backyard”!! They really are spectacular at night!!

  9. Those sandwiches look AMAZING!!!!

  10. Kim

    wow that sounds like an awesome dinner – so fancy! did you make the mango salsa? mmmm. so jealous you went to an MLS game – have yet to see a revolution game, but i want to go!

  11. Kim

    Man, I want that mozzarella/tomato salad! You just inspired me to pick up some fresh mozzarella if my ton of tomatoes ever decide to ripen up.
    AWESOME pics you took!!

  12. LOL to Kelly’s comment!

    It looks like you had some fantastic seats at the match! You do get all the good ticket hook ups.

    Ok, I did not look at the ingredient list of the rub you made for the salmon, but in TOP CHEF fashion, I am going out on a limb and saying that I can identify those ingredients…

    1. brown sugar
    2. salt
    3. white pepper
    4. paprika
    5. rubbed sage

    How close or far off was I???

  13. I LOVE the pics from DC. When I was last there I would go out every night just to see the monuments. They had just broken ground on the WWII memorial. Haven’t been back since. Perhaps I’ll get out there this winter.

  14. Ah Ray, what a nice evening! Definitely something to be said about keeping one’s life balanced.

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