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A Thanksgiving Weekend in Seattle

I flew out to Seattle Tuesday night, ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US – to enjoy a bit of relaxation after a rather busy fall, with my family (it’s where I grew up).  Of course, in the … Read More Here

Flight, Run, Soccer, Bike…oh, and tailgate.

A busy weekend was in store…but first, I had to get myself home from a brief 24 hours in Charlotte.  Actually, I think it was more like 22 hours to be exact.  Either way, a 45 minute flight is so … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits

Just a bunch of little updates for the week going into the long weekend here in the states.  I do however want to say thanks for the huge response on the Withings Scale review.  It was by far the biggest … Read More Here

Soccer, Sockeye, and Sights

Outside the realm of training, the weekend was also full of all sorts of other things.  In particular, Sunday was rather busy…here’s a recap. Following a Sunday noon-time 4,100 yard swim, we rushed out the door and off to Fedex … Read More Here