Dinner with the First Lady

I feel like I should at least mention it, albeit briefly.  Tonight, when The Girl and I arrived at the restaurant (Tosca) in downtown DC for dinner, we were met with Secret Service agents and wands to check us for sketchy items.  In Washington DC this can really only mean one thing: Das President!

Turns out it actually means one of two different things: The President, or The Presidents Wife.  In this case, Ms. Obama was enjoying dinner Italian style in the same dining room as us.

Except one little tiny issue…she was around the corner (a small wall), just a few feet away – so we didn’t have a view.  But naturally, she would have to leave eventually.  Given she was there before us, we figured we could outwait her.  A few people sneaked around the corner to see her, but we figured we’d be more ‘composed’ than that.

So we meandered through an awesome dinner (btw, 3 incredible courses for $35, amazing food where an entree normally costs that much – and rated one of the top Italian places in the city).  And then we had some tea and coffee.  But after 2 hours she still wasn’t gone yet.  She was going the distance!

And we were going the distance with the water.  Glass after glass after glass of ice water, trying to keep busy drinking/eating something.  Though, we weren’t the only ones – the dining room was full of folks lingering around drinking very very very long tea and coffee sessions.  I’m now fairly sure I’m HIGHLY hydrated for Sunday’s race.

Finally, after enough water to fill a bathtub and nearly 3 hours later at just around 10PM…she and her entourage of secret service agents decided to leave.

And how did she leave?

Umm, the secret side door.

Doh. We fail.

But…as far as I’m concerned, we were only a few feet apart, so it’s close enough to count as having dinner with her…right?  Damn straight it’s right!


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  1. thats awesome! I wish I was able to have dinner with the first lady. haha. Too bad you didn’t get to see her though…

  2. D

    Das President? Since when are Potuses neutral in Gender?

  3. oh major major fail!!! you know the rules: I need to know what she was wearing!

    i can’t believe she hung around that long waiting to see if you’d come over to say hello.


  4. omg…all that water…and being afraid to go to the bathroom in case you missed her exit…very stressful!!!!!

  5. Stalker you are, says I! Of course, now with this posting, you’re on some sort of watch list, dontcha know? Hmmm, I probably am too, now.

  6. works for me ray…I will tell everyone that you suggested to her what she should order!!!

    you might have needed a catheter to outwait her with all that h2o

  7. I hope you had some extra salt on your food with all that water. Hats off to you for waiting that long.

    Good luck on tomorrow’s race.

  8. That is awesome! I hope the pres doesn’t get jealous!