How to practice falling off your bike

In this week’s rendition of TGIF video’s I give you the dude who cycles on one leg. Well, one leg at a time anyway. And we’re not just talking about doing it locked in place on a trainer. Nope, that’s for pansies. We’re talking about doing it on a pair of rollers…with no hands.

Oh – and I’ll award 500 points* to the first person who films themselves replicating this (no hands on rollers with one leg drill). You get 1,000 points if you crash trying and upload that video. I’ll even link to your blog if ya do.

*Note: Points have no actual value. They cannot be redeemed, utilized or otherwise spent. It’s like having one coin left in your bag from travel to foreign country. You can’t do anything with it other than look at it like it’s pretty.

*Note Part 2: This video is not of me. If it were of me, I’d be on the ground within a few seconds.

Random Note Part 3: To the one individual yesterday who Googled on the exact term “my fish is spinning around in circles” and was returned this post as your best shot at an answer… I’m sorry. I really will try to stop laughing eventually…but the mental image of a little goldfish going in continual circles – is you have to admit – pretty darn funny.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. OMG noW that’s a sense of balance!

    I remember when I was living in NYC seeing a one legged bike courier, no prosthetic just one leg!

  2. That guy is phenomenal! I could only do that in my dreams.

  3. You’ve got to be kidding. Feel the burn, yeah.

  4. Anonymous

    um, holy crap! that’s is unbelievable!!!


  5. that is insane!!! doing it with your hair not in a ponytail–even MORE impressive.

  6. Everything about this video is amazing. Looks like I have a lot of work to do.