Space in Time

This week has really brought on full taper mode. That in and of itself has resulted in me having a ton of spare time. However – add to that the fact that I’m now working from home I’ve been able to get all sorts of little tiny things done with. To be clear, I still work all day long – but it’s time gained back from things like going to lunch, driving to/from work, etc.. that all add up. And I do get to make myself lunch every day – which is kinda nice as I can eat healthier more easily. The downside is it’s also fairly easy to over eat during the course of the day. So I’ve been converting all my snackable food to fruits (bananas, grapes, blueberries, melon, etc…).

As a result of this newfound time I’ve finished all sorts of little mini to-do’s over the past few days. Stuff that I’ve been putting off for a few days..err..weeks…err..ok…months…maybe a lot of months.

  • Finally put together my new bike maintenance stand. I was expecting this to be a PITA, but it turned out to simply mean taking it out of the box and unfolding it. It only sat in my garage for two months.
  • Put together a bike rack to more easily organize a slightly growing collection of bikes. I knew this was a PITA because when I bought both of them two months ago, the first one sucked. So I deferred the second one for a while.

    BikeStands 800 x 545 (Each one holds two bikes, my other two bikes are elsewhere in circulation, and one of these is a friends bike)

  • Replaced a few light switches that didn’t respond to pushing buttons anymore.
  • Finished doing all of the work associated with my earlier ‘recap’ of computers in my house.
  • Been playing a ton with the new SPOT device, mostly on the programming and data retention side to see what I can do.
  • Watching the Olympics! That’s the other good part – I have it on virtually 24×7 in the background in my home office.
  • Hanging out with friends that I haven’t been able to for a while due to my busyness
  • I emptied out my Rubber Duckie…err…Elephant (whenever I go to Hong Kong or Bangkok the hotel I stay at has them in the bathrooms). He had got water inside of him about 2 years ago. I tried quite hard, but I couldn’t get it out of him…it was a sad moment. But now with my newfound time, I found a way to get the water out. Now he’s happy again.

    IMGP2392 450 x 600

  • I think Netlflix is trying to give me a hint to return my movies. See, I’ve had my three movies since…oh…about September. I think they included the little “how it works” diagram just for me, in particular the mailbox at the far right. Apparently I’m supposed to BOTH watch AND return them. Who knew?

    IMGP2398 800 x 600

  • Here’s my lunch from yesterday. Took about 10-15 minutes to make. BBQ Rosemary Chicken (rosemary from my little deck garden), Blueberry Spinach Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette and a slice of melon. Oh…and a quick peach smoothie.

    IMG_8073 1280 x 853

  • If ya didn’t know – MSNBC published the full 4x100M Men’s Freestyle Relay’s underwater camera view here. It’s the whole races as seen just by the underwater camera. Incredibly useful for watching stroke technique – and in fairly high res when you expand it.

Less you think I was completely slacking this week, I present evidence of only partial slackage:

Sunday: 64 mile bike ride + 5K run
Monday: 3,500 yard swim
Tuesday: 51 minute indoor trainer fun
Wednesday: 3,000 yard swim
Thursday: 1hr easy 9 mile tempo run and a 30 min bike.
Friday (tomorrow): Godforsaken Indoor Trainer #2 workout as usual

IMC also just posted the race numbers – #186. Yet oddly, the fact that Ironman Canada is now “next weekend” still hasn’t hit me quite yet. I tend to be a ‘deal with it when it happens’ sorta person. So I’m not really fretting over it. That doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. Heck, I think about it all day every day. But I just don’t worry about it. I spend the time instead going through each and every section of the course and knowing where I need to be at which stages to meet my goals. I’ve worked through more numbers in my head that I can possibly conceive. I have plans. But I also have breakpoints where I know something isn’t working and need to change plans. The one thing that all of these long mountainous rides has taught me is to recognize when my body isn’t reacting the way it should.

And with that…next.


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  1. Did you microwave the elephant?

    I CANNOT the H2O did not evaporate in two years.

  2. Happy to see you are fully enjoying you taper :) I can’t wait for a week from this Sunday to stalk you online all day long as you will earn that Mdot!

    Where did you get that rubber elephant?

  3. Time…it’s funny how much we put off with training and how much we get caught up on during taper. Ruber Elephant? Can’t talk much since I sleep with stuffed animals..
    Ironman Canada is going to be great. It is Ironman yes, but you have already done everything you can in training…probably why you are not worried = confidence. Now it’s just time to react on race day, you’ll do great!

  4. 186 sounds like a very lucky number… not that you need luck :)

  5. I agree that your race number is good (being partial to numbers divisible by 3’s for some reason). I long for the days when 3500 yds in the pool is considered slackitude but “Go Boy!” Enjoy the taper. Can’t wait to follow IMC!!

  6. I can’t think of a better time for a taper. With the Olympics and pre-season NFL going on, there is plenty of tv to watch while you rest up. Of course, you COULD do productive things like catch up on all the stuff that has been pushed to the side, but taper time was meant for couch sitting and tv watching. Enjoy your rest.

  7. Great find on that underwater cam – that’s awesome.

    Race week is almost here! I’m already excited for you.

  8. SLB

    A long needle?

    Rainmakers spare room as sponsored by Performance Bike!

  9. Great link to the underwater camera! Thanks!

  10. i dontknow…i think those are slacker numbers LOL

    good you are enjoyiing..the whole process of building and tapering…

    bib #186..gotcha

    gonna try the underwater cam….
    thanks for the tip

  11. Slacking, ha! Good luck on IMC. You have put in the work, you are going to have a great race.

  12. So the big question is, what are you going to do w/all your time AFTER IM???? :)

    Does anybody else think a rubber elephant with water in it for the last 2 years is gross? I mean…those things get MOLDY, rainmaker!! Ewwwwwwwwww! They get moldy and mildewy. But yours looked pretty clean. Anyway, glad you cleaned the elephant in the room…

    Being able to make lunch at home is nice. And saves money. And makes going out that much more fun.

    I can’t wait for this weekend for you!!!!!!!!

  13. As always, your meals look scrumptous – now how many bikes do you own?

    Love the elephant – next time, please send me one …it’s for my daughter – I swear!

    I’m confident that you’ll do well in CA! Best of luck to u.