Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 1

Well, after two days of travel – I have succeeded in arriving at the site of Ironman Canada.  In an effort to streamline this, I’ll try and keep it word-short, but mostly pictures.  My plan is to post each of the three days leading up (Thurs/Fri/Saturday), so for those regular commenter’s, don’t feel like ya have to comment – I know it can be tough.


I flew via Chicago out to Seattle.  Both my flights were some assortment of delayed, but I was comfy and it wasn’t too bad.

IMGP2453 1024 x 768

I left sunny Chicago and DC, and arrived to typical weather in Seattle: rain.  Actually, it was really pouring out.  Nonetheless, I went to the local pool near where I used to live (and where my parents live), and swam about 2,000 yards.  Had some VERY nice 500 yard sets tossed in, despite having !!!5!!! people in my lane.

IMGP2457 1024 x 768

Yes, it was open-air, and yes, it was raining.  But given you’re going to get wet…does it matter?


Prior to setting off on our little adventure I had to figure out a way to pack 4 bikes into the car, as well as four peoples worth of luggage.  While we had a car carrier thingy on top (for skies mostly), I managed to get everything in – despite the doubters..  I was pretty excited about that.  Like a big puzzle.

IMGP2462 1024 x 768

(Yes, there are actually four bikes stacked in there, in what is otherwise a small SUV, mine being safely in the case on the bottom)

After that, we were off!

My brother introduced the rest of the fam’ to a game called “My Cow”…which, was actually relatively engrossing.  Basically every time you see a group of cows (be it in a barn, field, etc..) – you call out ‘My Cow’.  Each set of cows gets you one point.  Now if you see a cross by the side of the road – then you get to ‘kill’ one of the other persons cows (thus reducing their count).  And if you see a cemetery by the side of the road – you get to kill all of the other persons cows (just one person).  My dad was in the lead with 16 ‘My cows’, until he accidentally called a big stump as a cow.  No more cows, you lose them all.  Yes, it’s an awesome game.

IMG_8377 1024 x 682

From there we wandered up to the border, and through a bunch of mountain passes, working our way towards Penticton.


(Nevermind the little loss of spotage between 46 and 47…)

IMG_8389 1024 x 682

Sometimes it was nice and sunny (above)

IMG_8365 1024 x 682

And sometimes it poured and was foggy.  And then it would get sunny again.

IMG_8386 1024 x 682

But even when it’s raining, the Canadians know how to have fun (here’s a toll booth way up in the mountains at like 3,000ft).

IMGP2465 1024 x 768

Eventually though…we made it to Penticton – where it was and currently is sunny.

IMGP2517 720 x 959

I went for a 30 minute bike ride with my dad – mostly just to get the bike put together and ensure everything was working optimally.  We ended up at the lake front where the race starts and ends.  There was a 5K going on this evening, with a 1K for the kids.  Here’s the kids 1K:

IMGP2479 1280 x 960

And then there was a 5K for the adults (and any kids who wanted to) – it was just an open (but bibbed) fun run…some people had a lot of fun:

IMGP2508 1280 x 960

After that, it was a bike back to the hotel and dinner.  Next up – registration tomorrow and a swim on the course!  Plus, probably a drive of the course.

IMGP2498 1280 x 960


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  1. Wow, 5 people in a lane while it was raining? They really know how to HTFU out there, huh?

    Best of luck to you. I won’t be back at my computer till Sunday, so I just wanted to get that out of the way.

    I’ll be keeping tabs on you though for the race!

  2. I’m so excited for you – wow…ironman!

    And, I love that cow game – I can imagine the laughter when your dad called out the stump!

  3. race number please? Some of us will want to watch you KICK some ass on sunday.

    I love swimming in the rain.

    And i CANNOT believe you got 4 bikes in that car!

  4. Best wishes to you! Glad you got up there safe and sound — looks wonderful up there. Excited for you to race, and then to read about it after!

  5. The pack job in the van is pretty darn impressive! Now that is a useful skill set.

    So far, the trip sounds like a great experience. It’s nice to be able to share a bit of it with your family. Thanks to your brother for the cow game. I am going to remember the rules and possibly make up a few of my own for future road trips.

    Looking forward to the tales of Ironman Canada!

  6. Liz

    When I’m running my half marathon on Sunday and am hating my life (and I will be because I’ve been a bit lazy lately) I will just remember you are doing an Ironman, and I won’t feel so bad.

    So thanks.

  7. DANG!!! way to pack that suv!! you got mad tetris skills!!! and i LOVE cows so i’m totally playing that game on my next road trip.

    can’t wait to track ya sunday!!!! whoop whoop!!!

  8. i see the hulkster made the 5k run

    The Bride would love you…the way you packed the suv…amazing….

    it looks very cool there…great pics as always

  9. My cow! – I remember that one for my next road trip.