Ironman Canada 2008 – Day 2

This is my second day up here, after arriving yesterday.  As I mentioned yesterday – my goal is to streamline these posts, so I’ll try and keep it word-short, but mostly pictures.  I’ll post again tomorrow for the last time before the race after most of Saturday’s activities, so for those regular commenter’s, don’t feel like ya have to comment – I know it can be tough.

The plan this morning was to be in the water by 7AM, and then a short 25 minute run afterwards.

BeachPano 1280 x 479

The buoys weren’t/aren’t setup yet – so I just used some other beach/boat buoys to practice sighting.  The water is a bit chilly, but not too bad – reportedly 63° this morning, but up to 66° by this afternoon.

I swam out about 12-13 minutes along the buoys, and then back.  So probably about 1600 or so yards.  I felt super-slick and fast in the water – so I was happy about that.  The water is also fairly clear, I could actually see the bottom – generally about 10 feet below me while along the beach.

Day 2- IMGP2535 1280 x 960

Some totally high quality self-portraits at my turnaround.  I tossed my waterproof camera inside my wetsuit to be able to take some photos.

Day 2- IMGP2537 1280 x 960

After the swim, I went out for my 25-minute semi-tempo run.  As I neared the mid-portion of it, I happened to run into the back of the annual underpants run!  Given I had just worn my bathing suit, I kinda fit right in after tossing my shirt.

Day 2- IMGP2551 1280 x 960

Day 2- IMGP2552 1280 x 960

Day 2- IMGP2554 720 x 959

Following that it was time to check-in and pickup my packet, as well as browse the expo.

IMGP2557 720 x 959

IMGP2559 1280 x 960

IMGP2560 1280 x 960

IMGP2564 1280 x 960

IMGP2572 720 x 959

(Below – inside the Ironman Store)

IMGP2574 1280 x 960

IMGP2580 1280 x 960

After packet pickup and related activities, we headed out to drive the 112-mile single-loop bike course.  It’s an incredible course that stretches all around the region past numerous lakes, hundreds of orchards and wineries and over tons of hills and some mountain passes.

Below is from the top of Richter Pass, the first major climb of the route – at about mile 44, and climbing about 1,110 feet up.

RichterPassPano 1280 x 266

From there, it was roller after roller and roller for many many miles.  You can actually just barely see the road in the middle of this photo out in the distance climbing up another hill.

IMG_8432 1280 x 853 IMG_8437 640 x 960

IMG_8441 1280 x 853

IMG_8449 640 x 960

Eventually you make it to Yellow Lake, the last climb before about a 15-mile descent back into Penticton.

IMG_8470 1280 x 853

Here’s the view of Penticton as you glide back in the final few miles of the bike:

PentictonPano 1280 x 330

The lake where you swim is actually the upper one (you’ll have to click the picture to more clearly see).

After that, I took a short nap before heading to the Athletes’ Banquet.  It was cool, basically a free (for athletes) carb-heavy dinner with lots of neat things planned – like having the two oldest (78/77) and two youngest (18) athletes up on the stage, etc…

IMGP2586 1280 x 960

Of course, the volunteers are incredible – SUPER friendly and everywhere!  Aside from meeting up with some friends, I also got to eat dinner with some folks from Trifuel, which is a free forum for triathletes to share information.

IMGP2588 1280 x 960

So with that, I’m off to bed!  Tomorrow (Saturday) entails packing all my various bike/run/swim bags, as well as bike check-in and registration for Ironman Canada 2009.  Plus the same swim/run schedule that I did this morning.  Oh, and I’ll mention it tomorrow as well – but I’m number 186.

Last but most certainly not least – thanks for all of those who have sent me e-mails and/or comments.  They really mean a lot and I truly appreciate them!

See ya!


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  1. a 1 loop bike?? SUWEEEEET!!!! that route looks absolutely gorgeous, so dont’ forget to enjoy the view. at the rate you ride, it’ll be over before ya know it!!

    and um, hello?? you ain’t even done im canada ’08 and registration is open for ’09?? crazy canucks….

  2. SLB

    Wow that rides looks awesome, the scenery is sure going to take away the pain.

    Rest up and enjoy Saturday and then rock it out on Sunday.

    Sending you all my spare race vibes from SoCal!

  3. katetheskate

    Best of luck, Rainmaker! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and I’m so impressed and inspired by your dedication to your training. You’ll have a fan in NC rooting for you tomorrow! Rock it!

  4. Good luck! I’ll think of you when I am lumbering through my 7 miler tomorrow think “At least I’m not running a marathon… After doing all that other stuff.” Let’s hope Ironman Live actually does well with updates this time!

  5. good luck tomorrow! I’m in training for IMFL and have been following your blog for fellow neophyte insight. You are going to do better than you can imagine!

  6. Eeeks I am excited for you! You’ve done such a great job with your training, I know you’re going to kick ass tomorrow. I won’t wish you luck since you have preparation, which is much better, but just go out and have a great time! I will try to track you on the Ironman site throughout the day.

  7. Best of luck tomorrow! :)

  8. It’s always good to scout the course–that’s a long course to scout! Good luck! (You’re so cute in red.)