Swimming with sharks

(It’s Tuesday, and everyone’s looking to get to the weekend, so we’ll keep today a bit entertaining)

It’s no secret that I enjoy mixing sharks with my water.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny little shark that I sit in the water waiting forever for, or if it’s a really really big shark that I also sit in the water waiting for.  All the same to me, and all enjoyable.

So I was pretty excited to see that ‘one of our own’ – Olympic Medalist Amanda Beard – just recently did a nonprofit group promo for shark conservation, all while keeping the spot consistent with her background as a swimmer.  And by ‘one of our own’, I mean, ‘even though she’s not technically a triathlete, she does traithlonish things, so that works for me’.  To the best of my knowledge I can’t find any record that she herself has actually completed all three legs of a triathlon, though I can find plenty of cases where she’s swam (and obliterated) the swim leg of various relays (Malibu and CAF to name a few). So that works for me.

I’ll let ya check out the short clip though (also on Vimeo for those with YouTube blocked):

Amanda Beard Swimming with Sharks

Ok- first off – did anyone notice that crazy backwards sighting stroke in the 10th second?  Seriously – that’s wild.  It’s like she frozen in time looking backwards, yet was still stroking forward.  Crazy!  I’m pretty sure if I tried to just casually look over my shoulder while sighting and swimming away from sharks, I’d just simply implode.  Poof…gone.

Now, there’s actually a pretty interesting little clip over on Vimeo of behind the scenes footage – though it doesn’t quite appear that the initial concepts in the behind the scenes footage ended up in this commercial, but rather this one with Silver Medalist Tara Kirk).  Still cool to see all the other competitive swimmers though.

WildAid – Behind the Scenes from Christopher Jenkins on Vimeo.

What’s also pretty neat is that everyone there was donating their time – from the production crew to the gaggle of Olympic swimmers that showed up (such as Amanda Beard).  In fact, she actually went out with one of the Shark Diving operators, as she posted on FaceBook.

And, to keep this quick – if you want more enjoyable shark action from around these parts, here’s a list of posts I’ve put together on shark stuff…plus, ya never know what might be just around the corner in the Rainmaker travel department…

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Hanging out in the Maldives with Whale Sharks:

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Other Good Shark Posts:

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Ok – I’ll be back in action tomorrow with some more technology focused goodness.  Maybe a bit of water related technology…


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  1. amanda beard was my HERO when i still considered myself a swimmer. and also when i was little? i wanted to be a marine biologist and study sharks. mostly because of shark week though

  2. That was very awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wes

    I love this. The idea behind fin soup disgusted me…

  4. That is a cool promo ad. I do a lot of cooking and I just don’t get shark fin soup.