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One way ticket

Typically my weekly long ride involves a long out segment…and a long back segment – all on Skyline Drive up in da mountains.  However, this week…I’d be purchasing a one-way ticket.  Instead of normally turning around at the 50ish mile … Read More Here

75 Seconds to Evaporation

Yesterday’s brick and track workout was a hot one.  When we arrived at the school, the little reader board temperature thing said 98*F.  Though that felt a bit high, a quick check later on revealed it was instead 90*F with … Read More Here

A sporting weekend

This weekend turned out to be full of sports, and not just of the Cupcake Creation variety either (which, of course, is an official sport around these parts).  But I see no reason to skip over the cupcakes.. As I … Read More Here

A week in review (aka: Cupcakes in review)

While the focal point of the past 7-10 days has been Ironman Rhode Island 70.3, it’s actually been rather busy otherwise as the Girl and I spent time with my family and relatives in both Rhode Island and Connecticut. Here’s … Read More Here

Per the schedule: “Rest and Recover”

Before we can get to the rest and relaxation part, we gotta get through the less than relaxing part.  But it was pretty fun! Ok, well, actually, back to rest and relaxation first.  Friday evening post-long-swim, the Girl and I … Read More Here

Getting to the taper

I think mentally I had written off this week as part of the taper for Rhode Island next week.  Perhaps because I didn’t really look at my schedule in detail, perhaps because it was July, perhaps because I don’t really … Read More Here

It’s cheaper than a night out…century rides.

After attending a wedding Saturday evening, the girl and I were mixing up our nutrition for our long ride the next day when I realized that I had just gone through an ENTIRE CONTAINER of my sports drink (EFS) for … Read More Here

Friday’s Random Tidbits

This week has been full of all sorts of random stuff.  Given it’s been a recovery/taper week leading up to Sunday’s race here in DC, I’ve had a lowered volume of workouts.  A quick recap would be: Monday: 20.02 mile … Read More Here

Beneath the trees near the track

Up until now the majority of my weekday brick workouts have been done at home.  I’d be on my trainer for the bike portion, and then just simply run outside for the run piece.  Quick, and efficient.  However, there are … Read More Here

Acting like a camel – or the water boy

At some point last summer while preparing for one of my long rides (typically 7-9 hours) I realized that I was packing more water bottles in the car than I preferred to have rolling around.  And while re-using plastic bags … Read More Here


Before I could go get my new grill, I first had to knock out my Monday swim workout.  It wasn’t too bad though, it started off with a 2,000 yard continuous chunk of warm-up, drills and other technique focused stuff … Read More Here

Bikes, Bubbles and BBQ’s

I’m now back on my ‘normal’ time zone, at least for another week anyway.  This means a fairly relaxing Saturday.  My only workout for the day was a 4200 yard swim, which ended with a 500 time trial (TT).  This … Read More Here

Cows and Corn? Welcome to Lincoln, Nebraska!

It becomes more rare with every trip I take that I actually get to go somewhere that I haven’t been to before. However, every once in a while comes along some trip that takes me to a place i haven’t … Read More Here

Aloha – from the Hawaiian islands!

After my race on Sunday, I had to quickly pack up everything and get all my stuff ready for a work trip to Hawaii.  I took off early Monday morning, and after 12 hours of flying time, I descended down … Read More Here

Riding into the night…

Last night (Monday) I had a long ride scheduled.  I don’t usually have long rides scheduled on weekdays, but with a short sprint race this past weekend, and the Boston Marathon this upcoming weekend (well, Monday) it was gearing up … Read More Here

Training while travelling

After my trip to Spain, some folks asked me how I manage to find places to train while I’m travelling.  Given how often I travel (for work or holiday), it’s pretty important to be able to stay on top of … Read More Here

The Taper Week Ahead

Taper weeks are always fun.  I get to turn up the speed dial a bit and due to the reduced training load – my body is recovering faster and thus going faster at the same HR zones.  Which…after all, is … Read More Here


It wasn’t actually the time zone shift with the trip that hosed things up for me.  But rather, the work hours in the week leading up to the trip, and then the work hours post trip.  This gummy bear was … Read More Here

Mama said there’d be days like this

Well no, actually, she didn’t.  She didn’t mention anything about these days.  This was definitely not on the talking points list anywhere in my childhood. After 4.5 hours of sleep after working past midnight, it was up at 5:50AM to … Read More Here

Chocolate Milk vs Endurox R4 Recovery Drink – Stimulus Edition

The other day I was chatting with a friend talking about recovery drinks.  I’ve been on a chocolate milk kick for a while now – as I’ve previously gone in depth on.  Given it’s been proven to be just as … Read More Here

244 Flippin’ Times

1) As I headed out this morning to run I had to make a game-time decision to not run my usual 20-miler.  This made me a sad panda.  Instead I bumbled to the pool and ended up doing 6,100 yards … Read More Here

Jumping into the deep end

The last few days have been a nice change of pace as I’ve got a recovery week which started this past Saturday through Friday. (The Pacers Running group getting ready to head out pre-run) This change of pace gave me … Read More Here

Reading the cell-phone-treadmill lady the riot act

Do not be surprised. Do not be surprised when I read you the riot act. Do not be surprised when I read you the riot act in the middle of my 5th elevation-interval pyramid, 68 minutes into my workout. Do … Read More Here

Cycles and Cupcakes

There are few things I like less than waking up early.  I define early as any time before the sun rises, or any time before 10AM, whichever happens to occur first on that day. Saturday however brought a 10K race … Read More Here

Thoughts on triathlon coaching

A get about an e-mail a day from someone asking for advice on topic XYZ or gizmo ZYX.  I’m always happy to help anyone who e-mails me – so feel free to keep the questions coming!  Every once in a … Read More Here