The State of my State: 2008 Review Edition

It’s that time of year again – a recap of last year.  While most folks took care of this prerequisite post earlier this month…I meanwhile…was a slacker.

I’ve finally gotten my training records all sorted out.  As you may recall, I have a number of different logs that I use to track.  Well, after weeks of procrastination I got my master one all updated and have what I think are fairly accurate numbers.  They would be low if anything (if I missed something). 

From the pretty charts, you can see where a knee injury in late 2007 carried over to February of 2008, thus limiting my ability to train. 

Also keep in mind that cycling miles are sorta a non-valid number because 2/3rds of my bike workouts are on trainers, where the mileage is a variable function.  Hours are more valid.

Similar to last year, I’ll run through a recap of the year in as quick as manner possible.

So let’s start with the training numbers:

Cycling: 241.75 hours, 4,036.46 miles


You’ll note a significant cycling drop-off starting in September post Ironman Canada.  That’s where I shifted to running being the major focus for the fall running season.  Of course, I was still cycling three times a week.  Well, except in December – travelling so much in then threw my cycling out the window.

Running: 170.66 hours, 1,380.09 miles


Running was impacted the most by my injury early last year.  But by March I was back in full gear.  I was able to dramatically increase my running endurance, but also increase some speed as well.  A typical  week for me is generally three runs:

  1. Tuesday Track (8-15 miles)
  2. Thursday ~10 miler ascending tempo run
  3. Saturday Long run (20 miler)

These get mixed up a bit once my really long rides kick in (because then the long run shifts to Tuesday to avoid back to back long sessions), but generally I only have three runs a week.

Swimming: 128.25 hours, 226.25 miles (398,200 yards)


I swam a bit more this year than last (about four times as much).  You see above the big jumps during the summer months, that’s that result of Saturday long swims (7,000 yards a pop).  And that drop in May is the new coach taking time to work on technique.  Like the cycling, everything drops off in September to focus on running.

Quick Recap:
Overall training numbers were way up this year in many areas:

  1. Bike: 4,306m (2008), 1,942 (2007)
  2. Swim: 398,200yds (2008), 166,165yds (2007)
  3. Run: 1,380m (2008), 1,293m (2007)

Of course, if I had an extra few months of running allowed (no Jan/Feb), we’d be talking a different game there.  But all in all, a solid training year.  So how about the races?

2008 Racing Overview:

I can solidly state that my 2008 racing season went pretty well.  I completed two Oly’s, three half-Irons, one full-iron, one marathon, and a slew of shorter distance running races.  A few random highlights:

  • Completing Ironman Canada – Obviously this was the big goal race for me last year, and I completed it :).  Although there was never any doubt in my mind I would complete it (barring an awesome trip to the hospital), it was just a matter of what time I would complete it in.  Overall I did well and finished in 10:49.
  • Ironman Rhode Island 70.3 – Despite finishing an Ironman, this race that I did a month prior is actually what I’m most proud of this past year.  While I finished in 4:46 (which I’m quite happy about – a 25 minute PR), it’s knowing that I can slice off a huge chunk of time if I don’t stand, walk and throw-up on the run next year.  That’s what I’m really excited about.
  • Nation’s Tri (Oly) – Being only three weeks after Ironman Canada I was a bit concerned how this might go – but I was thrilled to be able to collect some goods and go home with a 3rd place AG finish (out of more than 200 in my AG).  So that was sweet!
  • Philly Marathon – The secondary big goal of the year was a Boston Qualifying time.  By mid-summer it became clear that a BQ time wasn’t going to be an issue, but rather instead seeing if sub-3 was possible.  In the end I was thrilled to go sub-2:55, securing not only  a BQ spot, but also guaranteed entry to the New York Marathon.  Woot!

Oh, and I’m happy to report that I really didn’t have any race lowlights.  Sure, I had a few issues during a race like most, but overall there weren’t any DNF’s or complete blow-outs.  I am proud to say that I’ve managed to continue my streak through of throwing up in at least one out of every two tri’s I complete.  It’s pretty awesome.

So all in all I’d say the season went pretty well.  My cycling improved tremendously, as did my running, and my swimming endurance moved up quite a bit – although swimming is still my sore sport. 

Of course, 95% of this is due to the extreme dedication of my coach.  I just simply do what he says day in and day out.  Run slower he says…ok I say.  Swim correctly he says…ok I say.  Bike more he says…ok I say.  He’s taught me it’s not just about volume – but also about specifity and recovery.  It’s not about running as fast as you can day in an day out – or riding as long as you can.  It’s about making every single workout have a specific reason…and count.

So what does next year bring?  Well…you’ll have to wait for Tuesday. :)


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  1. LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one tracking my training in multiple systems at once :)

    Sounds like a fantastic 2008 – can’t wait to see what you have in store for ’09!

  2. I love the numbers and tracking! Now lets get 2009 rocking!

  3. You weren’t being a slacker, you were just recovering from an awesome year.

  4. Very nice numbers! Hoping 09 brings nicer numbers to the table!

  5. Yes – it was total slackitude not to post all these graphs and charts and numbers while you were on how many other continents for the first few weeks of this year? Great numbers, great races – but I bet 2009 is going to be even better for you. Can’t wait to see what you have in store.

  6. Next for you breaking 10 hours in Ironman Canada jajajaja great 2008 season hope 2009 is even better

  7. Congratulations on a great, great year. I look forward to following your exploits in 2009.

  8. That’s one heck of a year. Here’s to repeating the successes this year!

  9. Dude that’s one heck of a year. Dang!

  10. I don’t know anyone who’s had a better year than you, results-wise. I’d say keep doing whatever training methods you do right into 2009 – the system certainly ain’t broke.

  11. Man that’s a solid season and I am sure 2009 is going to be even better!

  12. Congrats on what appears to be a great year!