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The State of My State: 2010 Review Edition

Administrative Note #1: Thanks for the incredible response yesterday in the ‘What do you want in a sport watch?’ post.  It’s coming up on nearly 100 comments.  But not just quick comments – these are incredibly detailed and well thought … Read More Here

The State of my State: 2009 Review Edition

Every year that I’ve been blogging I write a recap of the previous year, and then a post on what lies in the year ahead.  Normally I do this late-January, but things got kinda busy, so I’m a little behind.  … Read More Here

The State of my State: 2008 Review Edition

It’s that time of year again – a recap of last year.  While most folks took care of this prerequisite post earlier this month…I meanwhile…was a slacker. I’ve finally gotten my training records all sorted out.  As you may recall, … Read More Here

The State of my State

So this is my 2007 wrap-up and 2008 goals post all in one – and a few days later then the rest of the blogosphere.  Cause really – ya’ll got your fill of reading the resolutions and goal posts last … Read More Here