Jumping into the deep end

The last few days have been a nice change of pace as I’ve got a recovery week which started this past Saturday through Friday.

(The Pacers Running group getting ready to head out pre-run)

This change of pace gave me a chance to enjoy a short 80 minute three-territory slow-build tempo run on Saturday from Roosevelt Island (Virginia) over into Georgetown (DC) and then up the Capitol Crescent Trail (Maryland).  We made good time and had a blast coming back down into DC.  I love it when my long tempo-ish runs are short like this (compared to the usual 20 milers).

As we finished we ended up on a small pedestrian bridge over a portion of the Potomac River.  We were both tired and warm (despite the temp being 26*) and my running pal turned to me and said:

“Wouldn’t it be nice to jump in?”

I pondered for a second.

I looked at the ice on the banks of the river and pondered for another second before responding.

“No…no…not at all, thanks though”

Following a post-run core and weight room workout I swung briefly by a new Rec Center that opened up in Old Town Alexandria on Saturday.  It has a pool, so I was trying to find out when it might open (the pool is outdoors) as well as the length.


Best of all – the Rec Center is actually free.  Four nice new treadmills and weight equipment, as well as a gym and the pool.   All free to city residents. It appears the pool has two designated 25y lap lanes.  But I’ve got an e-mail into some city folks to find out the deal (the people at the Rec Center didn’t know since the pool wasn’t opened yet).

Anyway, moving on.

I did my usual post-run spin and went to check out a new trail extension they are building a few hundred yards from my house.  I’m pretty excited about this.  It’ll be along the river and extend the trail about half a mile connecting to the remainder of the trail that goes a few more miles.  Functionally speaking it’s duplicate with the trail across the street, but it basically keeps you from having to cross the street.




Rumor was that Sunday actually started with snow in the morning.  But given I was comfortably in bed until quite a bit later, I wouldn’t know anything about that.

But I do know is that by time 2-3PM came along, it was in the mid-30’s and sunny with no sign of wetness on the roads.  So we headed down to Prince William Forest Park for a incredibly nice looping and hilly ride.  Given there was only a handful of people in the entire 15,000 acre park (perhaps 7-8 peeps), it was great to just enjoy the quiet outdoors via bike.  And the deer only nearly trampled me once while I was riding…it was their way of reminding me who’s boss.



After the ride we did an ultra-fast transition to formal wear and headed downtown for a really nice dinner at Il Mulino.  It was the last official night of DC’s restaurant week (three course meal for $35.09), and we decided to hit up this otherwise rather expensive location.  The food was very good, I’d highly recommend it.

Also – a ton of places have extended the $35.09 deal through the end of the month (including Il Mulino and the place I went last week Farrah by Olivia).  Here’s the full list.  Note that the ‘general concept’ with restaurant week is to eat at places that you otherwise might not pay for.  Meaning…sort the Opentable list by price ;).

Since I didn’t take any pictures during dinner (maybe I will on Wednesday when we go out again for $35.09), I did take a picture of some BBQ Chicken Breasts I made inside over the weekend.  So I’ll leave you with a photo of that instead…



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  1. “a short 80 minute run” hahaha SHORT. My idea of LONG doesn’t even touch 80 minutes.

    Sounds like you had a good weekend.

  2. I like those runs. Had one myself today, which was nice after last week’s ickyness.

  3. Cool about the new rec center. One of the many things I love about Kona is the free aquatic center. Of course, we pay for it via property taxes but it’s much nicer/cleaner than any pool around in Orlando, which we have to pay for extra in addition to taxes.

    And how fun to have a park virtually to yourselves. Funny about those possessive deer!

  4. I love those great short runs.

    The free rec center seems awesome!

    I also wish I had a new bike path going in around here.

  5. nice weekend, and the rec center looks great, and thanks for the tip about restaurant week and we have to set up the night before danielle gets here and there is nothing equal to microsoft live writer…bastards!

  6. I am interested that you find restaurant week worth your while. My limited experimentation with the New York one (in terms of lunch especially) is that while it sounds like a great deal, they make it work by seriously limiting the prix fixe options – if my only choices for appetizer are a green salad or beet soup, I wish I were eating at a regular restaurant instead of a fancy one! Not to mention that if you are willing to go for lunch rather than dinner, and cafe-type option if there is one, you can sample the food at many top places for a perfectly reasonable price…

  7. Yes, it did snow on Sunday. But maybe only out in the ‘burbs where I live now.

    Awesome news is that rec center is indeed free. Hope that’s the case.

    I’m hoping to make it to the Pacers run this weekend. Not sure if I feel like doing another long run solo. You gonna be there?

  8. Thanks for the comment nice post … I got a new job so I begin next week is a better job but is in Maryland so my co commute mute will be longer so let see how its goes

  9. You certainly had another jam packed weekend filled with food and sports! Good decision on the river swim.

    The new rec center sounds great! Most “free” pools in this area have closed although I think a couple of pools in lower income areas may remain. The city is adding onto greenways (as we call them here). This is a nice use of tax dollars!

  10. Oh it’s almost spring – almost time for the wildlife to be getting its act together to gang up and charge DC Rainmaker! :D

  11. Jenny –

    I’ve found it depends, but the deals are much better than other cities I’ve seen. You do have to do your homework, but in the case of both places I’ve gone thus far, and the place I’m heading to tomorrow – we have wide ranging choices in all three categories. However, I looked at a few other places, and some are exactly as you describe with only a few choices. Obviously I’ll be skipping those.

  12. Love the idea of a tri state run, things are a bit bigger round here though!

  13. A three course meal for $35.09 is a great price! I wish I had more trails near my house. The one I run on now is great, but it would be nice to have more. I did find a new route last weekend in the trees and that was fun.

    Good luck on getting the rec center to let you swim before Memorial Day.