SEA to Ski

(Somewhere over the eastern US at sunset on the way to SEA) 

Last week was rather busy.  I was out in Seattle all week speaking a number of times at a large conference.  In addition, I was also balancing all of the workouts I normally do with the crazy busy conference schedule.

One place I managed to knock out a few treadmill runs at was the Sheraton downtown Seattle – and the workout room there was amazing – double-decker room up on the 35th floor with huge windows overlooking the Cascades and Olympics – including Mt. Rainer.


Being Seattle, you can’t be terribly surprised when you see stuff like this – in downtown.


The good news here is after all my speaking sessions were done I was able to get in a great night of skiing Thursday night up at The Pass (about 45 minutes from downtown Seattle on I-90).  The weather was fantastic – albeit a bit warm (34*F at night), but the snow was nice and quite quick.  Our chairlift/run cycle time was 7 minutes round trip per run, no lines.

IMGP2274 IMGP2275

After returning Friday night I headed out early Saturday morning for a nice run, part long-slow, part tempo.  Wandered around the major monuments – Lincoln, the Capitol, Washington Monument, White House, and a number of museums – before crossing back over the Potomac into Virginia.  The inauguration viewing stands in front of the White House that you saw during the parade are almost taken down, and the stuff in front of the capitol is almost gone as well.


Saturday night I made up some seared tuna, served with sweet chili sauce and wild rice.


I was looking forward to Sunday all week long, as the weather looked fantastic here in DC – at 66*F – perhaps even hotter in some areas.  I went out for my weekly ‘long ride’ (I say it in quotes, because it’s actually fairly short right now) and had a great time just tooling around some back roads nearby.

IMGP0014 IMGP0017


Finally…this evening, after my swim the girl and I made some fresh tortellini – using ricotta, fresh herbs and pork as a filling.  We actually made a tortellini soup using the tortellini’s with chicken broth and spinach, and a touch of parmesan cheese.  Turned out quite well!





That’s it for now.  Back to another build week of workouts with a nasty track workout on Thursday coming up (10×800 at 5:53/mile pac)…although only to be followed by a more nasty workout next week – 12×800.  Grr…


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  1. I am always amazed at where you find the time to make your own pastas and stuff! I can’t eat pasta anymore, so I will just have to drool on my key board. I can’t have a whole lot of anything anymore and it is hard.

    If you have a good veggie dish that is gluten, dairy, and sugar free I will swap an excellent Citrus Green Bean recipe with you.

  2. Anonymous

    You overcooked that tuna like woah… but still looks good

  3. Yeah…actually, overcooking it wasn’t the real problem. Too much peper was the issue. The sweet chili sauce salvaged it.

  4. good enjoy the warm weather till Friday
    and good luck on the run

  5. It must be great to ride outside in a short sleeved bike jersey. I can only dream about that here during this time of year.

    P.S. Anonymous has much sharper eyes than me to notice that your tuna was overcooked – it looked terrific to me.

  6. OHHH… I wanna ride outside!! It’s getting close….

  7. That tuna looks AMAZING! What did you use for the crust?

    I’m so envious of you being able to ride clear roads…outside…in a short sleeve jersey!

    Hey, I may be looking for advice for things to do around Seattle when I’m there in August for Lake Stevens!

  8. The food looks delicious. I’m jealous of all the skiing you get to do. I love to ski but haven’t been in years probably.

  9. As usual, you managed to work a crazy schedule AND get in your workouts.

    Your weekend menu looks pretty good to me. Is the girl as impressed with your cooking as the blogsphere?

  10. I gotta ask: do you ever just throw crap on a plate and call it dinner?? You know, like NORMAL people??! :)

    nice pix of seattle! it was a lovely weekend here, although I much prefer cold in the winter. Helps with planning. What to wear. etc.

  11. That tuna looked delish!