Late for the race

It started first with somehow showing up late to the race shuttle bus.  Because I missed it I had to hitch a ride on a golf cart that speed to catch up to my wave.  I arrived just in time to see my wave starting.  I followed suit figuring that’d only put me a few seconds behind.

As I ran into the water I realized I had on a life jacket…and my helmet – under my swim cap.  After disposing of the life jacket (but keeping the helmet), I continued to swim down the course…through the canals of Venice.

I made good time during the swim and finished relatively quickly.  But I couldn’t find T1 and spent 10 minutes wandering around trying to find the bikes.  In the process a nice old grandma offered to let me use one of her four incredibly expensive tri bikes.  I declined and instead went on to find my bike.

Upon arriving at my bike, I realized I forgot my cycling computer, which meant I was going to race completely blind (no  speed/HR/distance).  However, I soon realized I also forgot my race wheels and most importantly forgot my cycling shoes.  Usually I only forget a few minor things…this was just outlandishly ridiculous.  I went off to wander through the finish line festival area to beg for a pair of shoes.  Yes, the race is still going on and the clock still going.

Well…until the alarm clock rang anyway…

Time to go out and run 🙂

I always love the days before a race, as I get nice short quick workouts prescribed.  Today was only a 25 minute run tempo encompasses about four miles.  Although a bit chilly and windy, it’s a great day outside.  Tomorrow’s lookin’ pretty nice as well weather-wise, it should rise to a little above freezing, perfect for a 10K.


(This morning after my run overlooking Arlington Cemetery, the Pentagon and Northern Virginia)

And…best of all: Only three working days left till I go on vacation…for 3.5 weeks.  How on earth I managed that still defies logic – but I’m apparently a pro at the ‘system’.  Over the course of that three weeks I’ll cover some serious ground and show off some pretty cool technology in the process. I’ve got some neat things up my sleeve.  Woohoo!


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  1. Ok, so now you really have me wondering. If you took this photo, where would you be taking it from? My first thought was the Netherlands Carillon, but the angle isn’t right…hmm…

  2. Ok, you had to be in a plane. No other way, right? Nothing else would be that high.

  3. Well, at least you did not wake up to find your pillow missing.

  4. Man… I HATE dreams like that… where you are late and everything keeps going wrong. I always wake up feeling super stressed out.

  5. I always have the weirdest pre-race dreams. The sad part is that in my dreams, I am constantly worried about the DNF or a really bad time because what if someone googles me and sees my bad times! Yes, even in my dreams, I am vain…

  6. Ha ha. I love pre-race dreams.

    So…DID YOU WIN???

  7. Vacations – aren’t those the things folks have between jobs?

    Seriously, 3.5 weeks – gotta be great!

  8. I have had those kinds dreams and they just freak me out… unreal!!!

  9. Three and a half weeks of vacation over the Christmas holidays? You DO know how to work the system! Can’t wait to hear about your travels!

  10. Dont’ you hate when that happens???

  11. 3.5 weeks of vacation??? Don’t get into too much trouble!

  12. I love dream sequences. When things get bad enough, I eventually figure out I’m dreaming and wake up. And when I’m in a good dream, I hate it when the alarm goes off and throws me out of it.

    Manana is the free monthly noontime Tidal Basin 3K race. I’ll be there. Time to put up or shut up. Wear something Blue, because this month’s race is in honor of one of the local racing scene’s perennial presences, Ray Blue, an octagenarian runner who passed away last month. Also tomorrow night at 7:30 is the annual Christmas Light Run from Union Station.