Boston Marathon…registration complete

While sitting on my butt doing nothing at night in Kenya last week, I got around to being one with the Kenyan runners and finally registered for the Boston Marathon.  Proof below!

But first I had to agree to ya know…actually run in the marathon.


Then I had to agree that if I die, it’s not their fault.

And then finally – I got to the end.


And two short days later, I got the ‘confirmation e-mail’ that says they validated I did actually run a BQ time.


From there I was able to lookup myself – wooho!  Done!


Now I’ve just gotta you know…like train and run.

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  1. Ummm, you’re just getting around to doing it? What in the hell were you waiting for?

    Hedging your bets on whether or not you were ate by a lion?


  2. Does the training nutrition plan include ostrich and crocodile? Congrats on your Boston reg. – the next three months should be interesting, non?

  3. Yay! It’s so exciting! Start training now! Go go go go GO!

  4. Suh-weeeeeet! Glad it’s you and not me, though. 🙂

  5. So now you just need to find yourself a lion and have it chase you for a bit to get some speedwork in while you are there…

  6. Hey, it sounds like three months of spectacular hill work!

  7. Wow, Boston! Looks like you will have a busy 3 months. Keep us posted on the training!

  8. Very cool, run one of those 26 miles for me, I’m saving my qualifying slot until next year. You’ve been the traveling man lately…I’ve been following just haven’t had much time to post.

  9. Thats it… I’m coming in your suitcase when you go up there 🙂

  10. Is really cold and I hate the treadmill but is really dam cold and I dont want to suffer

  11. …and that’s the closest i’ll ever come to seeing the registration process for boston. thanks for sharing!

  12. Sweet! It’s on, now. You’ll knock this one out of the park, I know it. Just keep doing your thang, dude.

  13. Kim

    yay you’re coming to boston!!!