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Spectating the 2014 Boston Marathon

We left off with yesterday’s ‘5 Random Things I Did This Past Weekend’ post where I outlined the lead-up into watching The Girl run her first Boston Marathon.  Today, we’ll tackle the whole shindig! Off to the school buses: In … Read More Here

Guest Post: Tracking a runner in the Boston Marathon with the Garmin GTU 10

Note from Ray: Last week leading into the Boston Marathon I had a reader (John) that e-mailed me asking if I’d like to follow along his wife’s progress on the day using the new Garmin GTU 10 tracker. As he … Read More Here

Thoughts on the new Boston Marathon Qualifying Standards

The running world’s been all abuzz after yesterday’s changes to the Boston Marathon qualifying times, which are slated to take effect in part later this year and then in full the following year.  At a glance the changes shorten the … Read More Here

Boston Marathon Entry Giveaway Results!

Thanks to everyone that qualified and entered in the Boston Marathon Entry Giveaway.  It was pretty cool to read all of the stories in there! I know there’s a lot of deserving folks out there, including ones like this: Or … Read More Here

Did you qualify for the Boston Marathon and miss out on registration? Here’s a free entry for ya…

I was approached yesterday by the folks from Salonpas to giveaway a Boston Marathon registration slot to anyone who wanted it (including yours truly).  Yup – you heard that right: A pre-paid entry slot to the Boston Marathon.  Given I’ve … Read More Here

5 Reasons why the Boston Marathon sold out in 8 hours

In the running world, there is no more legendary road race than the Boston Marathon.  But, as anyone who has raced Boston will tell you – it’s not about just the race itself, but rather about the process to get … Read More Here

The 2009 Boston Marathon Race Report

Despite the fact that the Boston Marathon starts at a rather comfy 10:00AM, I was up at a rather un-comfy 4:45AM in order to get to the buses on time.  Buses you ask?  Well, the Boston Marathon is a point … Read More Here

The Boston Marathon: The Expo

Ok sports fans, I’ve got less than 12 hours to the race, so this one will be quick.  First off, the city is completely COVERED in Boston Marathon stuff.  The subways, roads, signs – EVERYTHING.  Here’s inside one of the … Read More Here

Boston Bound

This week has been crazy busy with work and late night training.  Before Wednesday night’s run, I happened upon some Caps tickets (local NHL hockey team)…for the first game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs…in a luxury suite.  SWEET!!!  And without … Read More Here

You’ve got mail…from the Boston Marathon

On Saturday a packet arrived from the Boston Marathon.  Kinda like getting word from colleges; big envelope is better than little envelope.  And this one had a WHOLE bunch of stuff inside. There was a bib pickup card, to allow … Read More Here

Boston Marathon…registration complete

While sitting on my butt doing nothing at night in Kenya last week, I got around to being one with the Kenyan runners and finally registered for the Boston Marathon.  Proof below! But first I had to agree to ya … Read More Here