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2-Mile Swim Race & a bunch of other stuff

Saturday brought a whole bunch of tiresome activities.  First, there was the waking up early thing.  That in and of itself is tiring.  7:30AM?  On a Saturday?  It’s almost as if we’re training for an event or something.  Need to … Read More Here

Swimming in the big boy (and girl) pool

During my day to day training antics, I normally swim in a simple 25 yard pool.  While the pool itself is actually a 50 meter full size pool, it’s divided up into some 14+ lanes, each 25 yards across.  So … Read More Here

Sous Vide Awesomeness

You may remember a fair while back I started a little project to build my own sous vide machine – more properly known as an Immersion Circulator.  As I mentioned then, using an Immersion Circulator isn’t something particularly new, it’s … Read More Here

Someone left a floater

Due to a flip-flop in the weekly schedule of runs, both the Girl and I were in position to be able to enjoy a nice 10 mile run with our friends on Saturday morning.  Normally the 10m run run occurs … Read More Here

Little Washington

The weekend started Friday after a nice flight back from the West Coast.  Upon arriving home I found all sorts of packages had arrived.  While some weren’t terribly exciting (new seat post for an older bike), I did get one … Read More Here

Corned Beef, Pools, and Cupcakes (though, not all together)

The weekend started like any good weekend should – with cupcakes being made.  The Girl was back at it after her adventures to the NYC’s Magnolia bakery, making loads of cupcakes. Though, the Girl’s were far better – plus, they … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits

Food Tidbits: It’s time for some food around here – so let’s start off Friday Morning with Thursday Morning’s breakfast: I stumbled on the super-simple recipe the night before on SLB’s blog, and was on the way to the grocery … Read More Here

A snowy food filled weekend

Let’s just get right into the action, by starting where I left off on Friday evening as nightfall fell (hmm…does that mean it fell twice?) – it looked like this: While the snow was starting to fall, the Girl got … Read More Here

Jingle All the Way & Massive Cupcakes

This weekend was a hodgepodge of stuff.  Because I’m super-swamped in getting the final touches on the Garmin 500 review out (currently standing at 38 pages…), I’m gonna keep this weekend recap post nice and short with lots of pictures.  … Read More Here

Wet and Snowy Saturday, Muddy Buddy Sunday

Since the weather first shifted towards snow on Saturday, I was pretty jazzed.  I like snow, lots of it.  And even though the Washington DC has no useful hills (Read: Nothing to ski down or chairs to ride back up), … Read More Here

Running around

I’m starting (though semi-resisting) to get back into a rhythm.  Albeit at the moment that may or may not include much time getting wet in the pool.  But I do drive by it occasionally – that counts, right? Saturday morning … Read More Here

Turkey Turkey

As I had mentioned on Sunday, I started my Thanksgiving dinner preparations a bit earlier in the week, with pumpkin pie.  But, those two pies didn’t exactly last very long around these parts – and certainly not until Thursday. So … Read More Here

Steaks, Mud and the Track

With training in ‘off-season’ mode for a few weeks, I find myself with plenty of extra time.  I wandered to the pool early Friday evening and bumbled around a bit doing about 2,300 yards.  Nothing significant, a few sets of … Read More Here

Cycling and cupcakes

This weekend was a bit of a whirlwind, sorta like the time-lapse video I put together. Saturday morning was spent trying to catch up on sleep before heading down to Prince William Forest National Park to get in a solid … Read More Here

A weekend of food…

Since late spring when Ironman training pretty much took over any free time I had, my time to good decreased quite a bit.  But in this recovery week since IMC, I’ve had a bit of time to get my cook … Read More Here

Weekend Part II – Just hanging around

Following a few days of triathlon related goodness in Luray, the Girl and I bailed back up into Shenandoah National Park to our mountainous hideaway for a few days away from it all.  We stayed at Skyland (within the park) … Read More Here

Soccer, Sockeye, and Sights

Outside the realm of training, the weekend was also full of all sorts of other things.  In particular, Sunday was rather busy…here’s a recap. Following a Sunday noon-time 4,100 yard swim, we rushed out the door and off to Fedex … Read More Here

A week in review (aka: Cupcakes in review)

While the focal point of the past 7-10 days has been Ironman Rhode Island 70.3, it’s actually been rather busy otherwise as the Girl and I spent time with my family and relatives in both Rhode Island and Connecticut. Here’s … Read More Here

Per the schedule: “Rest and Recover”

Before we can get to the rest and relaxation part, we gotta get through the less than relaxing part.  But it was pretty fun! Ok, well, actually, back to rest and relaxation first.  Friday evening post-long-swim, the Girl and I … Read More Here

How I built the largest Rice Krispie Treat Running Shoe on Earth

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I enjoy cooking.  Though I’m not sure if this particular activity actually counts as ‘cooking’ per se.  But it does count in the book of slightly odd tasks … Read More Here

Friday’s Random Tidbits

This week has been full of all sorts of random stuff.  Given it’s been a recovery/taper week leading up to Sunday’s race here in DC, I’ve had a lowered volume of workouts.  A quick recap would be: Monday: 20.02 mile … Read More Here

Two rocks and a chain

Now normally after a weekend I would talk about my typical Skyline drive bike ride, for example, we’d start with the night before with mixing up drinks… …using a KitchenAid blender of course.  How else am I supposed to mix … Read More Here

Reston 2-Mile Race Report…and some BBQ!

Sunday morning brought a flurry of activity.  First up, was injecting my pork ass with a secret sauce (see previous day).  Well, technically it’s not too secret, especially since I’m re-publishing it here.  But that said, but injecting the pork … Read More Here

Skyline, Pork and Penguins

Today was (and still is) a busy day.  We were on the road shortly after 6AM for the first Skyline Ride of the season.  For those not familiar, Skyline Drive is a long 100 mile road that rides along the … Read More Here


Before I could go get my new grill, I first had to knock out my Monday swim workout.  It wasn’t too bad though, it started off with a 2,000 yard continuous chunk of warm-up, drills and other technique focused stuff … Read More Here