The Ben and Jerry’s effect

Back a few weeks ago I finished up a workout, ate dinner and then sat around to watch TV and do stuff on my laptop.  At some point along the way I became bored and decided to eat half a Ben and Jerry’s container (what, you didn’t know I have a massive B&J thing?). Ok…so it ended up being a whole container.  It’s not my fault – I just felt bad leaving it half-baked in the freezer.  That’s like not cleaning your plate or something.

I noticed that while I was tired then, I didn’t feel like falling asleep as it was too early.  I figured I’d go to sleep in an hour or two.  It would turn out that’s not possible.  As the B&J effect kicks in.  I then noted this same phenomena a week or so later.  Thus – at 2AM – prompting me to put together this little chart after an outburst of Excel energy.

imageYes…it’s awesome.  The pinnacle of my Excel graphing capabilities. And yes, I apparently need a life on a weekday.  The good news is tomorrow (well, Tuesday) I do have a life, and it involves some cookin’!  Slow-cooker style.  Woohoo!  Yum-yum.


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  1. You definitely stay up late.

  2. I would have lots of energy too if I ever ate a pint of ice cream … running to the bathroom all night!

  3. The perkiness level graph is great. I’m pretty sure that there is nothing these days that could keep me awake until 3 am – but if I ever have to be up that late, I’m trying B&J’s!!

  4. awesome.


    you were in my dream last night? (nothing weird, you were just… there… but that’s weird in and of itself, right?)

  5. My day curve would be the inverse of the night curve if I stayed up that late!

  6. A full container… no wonder you were up so late!

  7. I love the graph..but how do you get up to 120? Is that two tubs of B&J?

  8. That’s awesome….and how I used to eat ice cream. Tell me that was a pint and not a full 1/2 gallon? I was proud that my light eggnog half gallon ice cream took me 4 weeks to finish, very un-Kat like

  9. jajaja nice man that happens to me on Thanksgiving night when I ate a lot of chocolate I know the feeling

  10. LOVE the graph.

    I had a slow cooker day last week… but it turned out bad. How you can mess up food in the crockpot, I’m not sure.

  11. i gain weight just reading about B & J.

    I’d say it’s totally worth the high.

  12. “And knowing is half the battle!”

  13. Goddess brought some home last night. I had a few bites and my stomach reminded me the rest of the night. But it tasted good.

    It’s been a looooooooong time since I had ice cream. For no particular reason.

  14. gads,

    I will stay away from the B & J on the nights before I have to teach my 5:30 am classes

  15. the sugar would keep me up…
    the excess cream etc..would make me hate myself….

  16. …mmmmmmm….ice cream!

  17. As an engineer, I have to criticize you for not having units on “perkiness factor” – what the hell are the units on perkiness?

  18. Wow. Well I’m proud to say I don’t have to worry about this problem…but good to know, I guess? :)