Slooooow cookin’

Yes – a double post!  I meant to post this early this morning, but between an early morning bike (it’s back to double-workout days) and having to run downtown for meetings, it didn’t happen.  Anyway…

Since the winter months are good for base work – going long and slow – I decided to translate that to cooking as well.  So I broke out my slow cooker for the first ‘simmer’ of the season.  Without much more ado, here’s last night’s dinner.  A whopping total of 20 minutes worth of prep work.

Five Spiced Moroccan Pork Ribs
I followed this recipe I found on the back of a Williams and Sonoma card I got at the store last year, except that they don’t sell the Chinese Slow Cooking sauce anymore, so I used a Moroccan one instead. 


Tasted great.  Normally I’ll make my own sauce – but that wouldn’t fulfill the 20 minute prep time.  6 hours of cooking later, it was done.

Browning the meat (give it a better look/flavor).


Chopping the onions.


Simmering away for six hours.


Chopping up the green onions, pretty exciting stuff.


And finally, tossing it on the plate.  I cooked some simple white rice, and then ground up some quickly toasted Schezuan Peppercorns to sprinkle over the top with the green onions.



Oh, as a random side note.  If anyone’s out there doing the Jingle Bell 10K (see sidebar) this weekend (Sunday morning) in DC – I’ll be out there.  If you happen to find me on the side of the road/race passed out – no worries – it’s all part of the plan…sorta.  Per the plan the coach put together last night, it’s a “very aggressive race strategy and we are walking, or in this case running, a very thin line between perfect and disaster.”   The HR will not be below 180…weeee!!!  For those not familiar with my coaches race strategies – all my previous races have been run fairly ‘conservative’ from a pace/HR standpoint.  Given this is the last race of the year and really means nothing – it’s time to just let it loose!


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  1. Thank looks yummy…any way you might consider posting the recipe so we can read it?

  2. Your photo looks better than the one on that card.

    I don’t know how bad of a cook I must be if I manage to mess up every single crockpot meal I ever make. Sigh.

  3. We recently got a slow cooker and all I can say is: HOLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME EASY DINNERS!

  4. Ohh, dinner looks good! Alright, I’m already looking forward to this race report.

  5. Looking forward to the race report… if you make it through that is!

  6. One of the few things I like about cold weather is getting to use the slow cooker. Those ribs look fantastic! As Kelly said – better than the pic on the recipe card. Good luck in the race this weekend. Remember Rule #1: don’t die, ok?

  7. Slow cooking in where its at, especially this time of the year.

    Good luck this weekend. Sounds like someone is goin’ PR hunting. Go for broke!

  8. that looks great…all except for the meat part.

    i wish i could be there to see the BLUR that you will be on sunday. My advice: skip the bells, they will only add weight and resistance.

    i will be laying down my own blistering pace in F-burg…

    Good luck!

  9. I just broke mine out for a Beef Stew with my new bottle of French Wine.
    Slow cooked food is always the best a day after it is cooked.

  10. Go out there and LET IT RIP!!

    I think I will ask my dad for a slow cooker for Christmas…

    That looks awesome.

  11. your food alwlays looks great…

    and of course, it must be super tasty too!!!!