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It wasn’t actually the time zone shift with the trip that hosed things up for me.  But rather, the work hours in the week leading up to the trip, and then the work hours post trip.  This gummy bear was … Read More Here

244 Flippin’ Times

1) As I headed out this morning to run I had to make a game-time decision to not run my usual 20-miler.  This made me a sad panda.  Instead I bumbled to the pool and ended up doing 6,100 yards … Read More Here

Jumping into the deep end

The last few days have been a nice change of pace as I’ve got a recovery week which started this past Saturday through Friday. (The Pacers Running group getting ready to head out pre-run) This change of pace gave me … Read More Here

Cycles and Cupcakes

There are few things I like less than waking up early.  I define early as any time before the sun rises, or any time before 10AM, whichever happens to occur first on that day. Saturday however brought a 10K race … Read More Here

SEA to Ski

(Somewhere over the eastern US at sunset on the way to SEA)  Last week was rather busy.  I was out in Seattle all week speaking a number of times at a large conference.  In addition, I was also balancing all … Read More Here

How to make fresh gnocchi, among other things

Way back when I posted the how to make fresh pasta post, Xena asked about how to make fresh Gnocchi. “Can we get a gnocchi post? I *still* can’t get that right.” Ask, and you shall receive. Today after my … Read More Here

Chilly meet Chili

Upon returning back to this continent, my coach decided the best way to get me back into the rhythm was to not tell me what’s going to happen next.  Sorta like “You can’t run from the pain if you don’t … Read More Here

Slooooow cookin’

Yes – a double post!  I meant to post this early this morning, but between an early morning bike (it’s back to double-workout days) and having to run downtown for meetings, it didn’t happen.  Anyway… Since the winter months are … Read More Here

The Ben and Jerry’s effect

Back a few weeks ago I finished up a workout, ate dinner and then sat around to watch TV and do stuff on my laptop.  At some point along the way I became bored and decided to eat half a … Read More Here

Gobble Gobble

I had two different Turkey Trots lined up for Thanksgiving day.  The first was a 5K held in nearby Arlington, VA.  It’s in busy times like these that I forget to look at little details like…say…the elevation map.  This was … Read More Here

Pumpkin Eater

Back a few weeks ago I picked up a few pumpkins – one for cooking and one for carving. Since then, I’ve been serving up all sorts of random pumpkin creations, kinda like the Blueberry post this past summer. But … Read More Here

Turning into a pumpkin…or a turkey

Halloween has many pieces – there’s the pumpkins, the costumes and of course the candy gathering (even if as an adult that simply means going to the grocery store and buying the candy instead of standing at peoples doors). Tuesday … Read More Here

BlendTec Home Blender Product Review

Alternate Title: Will it Blend…Damn right it will! Back a month or so ago I was blending a smoothie and decided that my poor little blender just wasn’t cutting the mustard…err…pineapple. Of course it didn’t help that I’d been eyeing … Read More Here

Run towards the buns

Saturday is all about the run.  Run far, run sorta fast…but run long.  So I did.  Just shy of 21 miles worth of bank deposits in 2.5 hours.  I was a bit unhappy though as I couldn’t get the speed … Read More Here

The Army 20-Miler Race Report and Weekend Update

I had originally planned earlier this year to use the Army 10 Miler Race to try and go sub-60 minutes.  But after my coach and I developed a plan for the year which included going solidly below 3:00 for the … Read More Here

How do you like them apples?

So it’s twofer post Sunday I guess. I had a really busy – but awesome – weekend. The good news for you is that both of these posts are ‘short’ by my normal standards. Lots of pics, but otherwise short. … Read More Here

Space in Time

This week has really brought on full taper mode. That in and of itself has resulted in me having a ton of spare time. However – add to that the fact that I’m now working from home I’ve been able … Read More Here

How to make fresh pasta

Back a while ago Sarah #1 asked when I would publish how to make fresh pasta. And Sarah #2 noted earlier last week that pasta is her favorite food. I’m not one to disappoint, so here ya’ll go. It’s no … Read More Here

How to make bad BBQ

Another weekend, another busy boatload of stuff. In my continued attempts to keep things short, here’s the quick version. Friday: After having fun with the usual Friday IT2 trainer ride, it was time to watch the opening ceremonies. Without a … Read More Here

Kayaking, Long Swims and Rifles

I’ve been a wee bit busy over the last few days – especially since Thursday afternoon.  I’m SOOO far behind in e-mail, catching up with reading folks blogs, and really just about everything.  So here’s the rundown.  I tried to … Read More Here

Blueberry Bonanza

After doing IM70.3 Rhode Island I drove down to Connecticut to hang out with family there for a few days. Last Tuesday while still up in CT I went blueberry picking with my family. The weather was perfect for it, … Read More Here

Pre-Race Weekend Update

Since I only have a few minute before I have to head to bed, this will be mostly a pictorial.  First swim wave is at 6:00AM – YIKES!.  Which means I’m up at something like 4AM.  Ugh! Friday: Went down … Read More Here

How to refill protein stores after a triathlon

Yes folks – there is only one answer to this dilemma of refilling protein stores: Fogo de Chao. (Public service announcement: If you’re a vegetarian – this particular post is probably not exactly for you, you’ll want to tune back … Read More Here

Friday Night Lights

Less than 36 hours from now I’ll be finishing up the Philadelphia Olympic Triathlon.  One of the fun things about this race is it’s considerably shorter than all my races thus far this year, and also shorter than my upcoming … Read More Here


In many ways, my weekends are somewhat predictable.  Run, Swim, Laze Around, Sleep, Bike, Run.  Repeat.  But, I try and mix things up as much as possible to keep the routine from becoming stagnant. Saturday: I met up with the … Read More Here