Are you in the lost and found bin?

We’ve all eagerly awaited for our race-day photos to appear on the photographing companies web site.  Sometimes we get awesome shots, most times we get unflattering shots…and then sometimes we’re missing in action.  You then ask yourself: How could they miss me?  ME! Of all people, ME!

Shortly thereafter you remember that you put your number on backwards, upsidedown, inside out or perhaps you were just out there massaging the bib during the race.  Who knows.  Or in the case of the swim, they couldn’t read your number under your wet suit. But whatever the case they couldn’t do a on you and your photos, leaving you both estranged.

Ahhh…but there’s a solution for that! You see most of the sports photograph companies actually have a ‘lost and found’ section where they put all of the photos which have no home.  Some of the companies even help a bit by sorting them male/female, bike/run/swim, etc…

For example – (a very popular sports photography company) has the option on the event page where you normally enter in your bib number/last name – to also click the link to sift through the lost and found bin.  From there you can sometimes filter the results a bit, but otherwise you just load the pages 50 photos at a time and start scanning.

Here’s the bin for a triathlon I did last year – it has about 1,000 photos in there.  It does take a bit of time to wander through them all, but you quickly get fairly efficient at finding photos.

And if all all fails – you’ll be able to check out a few hundred of your relatively in shape friends out there.  It’s like kinda like Hot or Not, except you don’t get to vote.

Speaking of hot or not…

Given last night was St. Patrick’s day, I went ahead and followed a hand-written recipe my Mom had for making Irish Soda Bread.  It took all of about 5 minutes worth of prep time; and 45 minutes in the oven later I had two Irish Soda Bread loaves.  Woohoo, mass o’ carbs for the rest of the week!



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  1. I too have found myself in the “lost and found”. What I love is when someone else is cataloged with me. Especially when they look nothing like me.

  2. Whenever I look through the lost and found I always think, WOW! I wish I would have seen her.

    Know what I mean?

    Maybe I should slow down a little and enjoy the ride.

    Nah, If I’m not red-lining the second half of the run, then I’m not having fun.

  3. Ah, sorting through the thumbnail lost and found photo sections of massive races. Hard on the eyes. I’d rather be out drinking green beer.

  4. I have found some great race photos in lost and found coming out of the swim or when I was on the bike.

  5. I always wondered who had the patience to go thru the L&F pics. I guess I’ve not done enough races, where I was MIA!

    Bread looks yummy! Care to send some my way?

    BTW. thx for the tip re: gloves!

  6. My pictures are almost always unflattering!!!

  7. bring some monkey bread to oceanside!!!!

  8. Haven’t been in enough races to end up in L&F but I have certainly eaten a lot of soda bread! Yum, a week of good eats!

  9. That’s a great idea … they should MAKE it like Hot or Not, and let everybody who was in the race post a vote. The winner would get a free picture or something.

  10. Post the recipe!

    Then come cook for me :)