Race Day

How to kick butt in indoor triathlon races

This past weekend’s indoor triathlon race got me thinking about how indoor triathlons are in many ways very different tactically than outdoor triathlons.  Sure, both have swim/bike/run objectives – but the way in which different indoor races are run forces … Read More Here

How to select your races for next year

It’s that time of the year where the triathlon events start to go on sale for next year, and also the time of year where you’ve got to pick and choose how to structure your season.  In some ways, how … Read More Here

How to effectively pace and route your running race

It’s September.  Which means that all (ok, probably just many) of you are preparing to run some sort of race.  Perhaps you’ve already run a shorter race this season on the way to that goal.  For me, my main race … Read More Here

Comparing Race Times, PR’s, and Others Results

A recent discussion with some friends around groups and training teams comparing race times got me thinking a bit about how most of us glance at race times we see on the Internet and make broad assumptions about one’s athletic … Read More Here

The Art of Pacing with a Garmin

One of the primary reasons you’d buy a training device like a Garmin Forerunner or similar would be to allow you to pace more effectively, whether that be in training or racing.  While most folks understand that once you turn … Read More Here

Guest Post: How to take great triathlon photos

Note from Ray: Hi All!  I’m venturing into my first guest poster on the blog.  Bruce is not only the guy who takes all my awesome triathlon race pictures, but also flies The Girl and I around to races.  Bruce … Read More Here

Race Day & Race Travel Checklists

Every time I travel to a race, my biggest worry is that I’m going to forget something.  You know, something so tiny – but so important, such as a small-but-required part for my bike, or sometimes something even much bigger … Read More Here

What is qualifying? The definitive guide to the biggies

Back a while ago, someone asked what all the hubbub was about ‘qualifying’ for various big events within the Triathlon or Running world.  So here’s the quick rundown of how it all works for the top events in each sport.  … Read More Here

Rainmaker rant: Race photo companies

If you read my blog often, you know that I have little love for the majority of race-day photo companies.   These being the companies that are on the course during a race and take our photos, and then offer to … Read More Here

How to race tri’s with a Garmin Forerunner or Edge

While I have many posts on how to get the most from your Garmin Forerunner, it was pointed out to me recently that I don’t actually have any posts on how best to race with it.  So this one will … Read More Here

My requests to race directors

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come up with a list of things that I like – and don’t like – about races.  I’m going to keep it bulleted, just to simplify things.  I’m hoping that at least one … Read More Here

Finalizing the list and checking it thirty billion times

It’s not even the end of the race year yet – and I’m already putting on the finishing touches for next year. One of the sucky things (actually, really the only sucky thing) about triathlons is how early the races … Read More Here

Are you in the lost and found bin?

We’ve all eagerly awaited for our race-day photos to appear on the photographing companies web site.  Sometimes we get awesome shots, most times we get unflattering shots…and then sometimes we’re missing in action.  You then ask yourself: How could they … Read More Here