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A list of cool tri/running/cycling wallpapers

Back a bit ago I was stumbling around Garmin’s site trying to find something or other and I bumped into their nifty collection of wallpapers that you can download.  From there I got curious and started poking around other companies … Read More Here

Someone left a floater

Due to a flip-flop in the weekly schedule of runs, both the Girl and I were in position to be able to enjoy a nice 10 mile run with our friends on Saturday morning.  Normally the 10m run run occurs … Read More Here

A night with the Cervelo Technical Folk

Last Friday I got an invited to hang out with some folks from Cervelo for a night at the local tri shop (Bonzai) going through a fairly detailed technical presentation, primarily focused on aerodynamics of bikes.  I happily accepted the … Read More Here

Time Trialing with the subway

Sunday night after I got home from New York City around 5PM I still had one minor item left to knock out…a 2hr and 45 minute ride. Now, I could do this indoor on the trainer – but I’m sick … Read More Here

Me and the clock…and cupcakes.

Let’s be honest, for any competitor, it’s all about the clock – even when racing against others, you’re still racing against the clock.  But, over the past few months the clock has played a new role in my workouts – … Read More Here

Why I will not ‘Share the damn road’

Last week I got an e-mail from a group asking to ‘share links’.  This is when one blog/site wants you to link to them, in exchange for them linking to you.  These are somewhat common requests, and normally, I ignore … Read More Here

Snow and Stuff (or stuffed with snow)

The last two days have been pretty busy.  Really busy.  It was all about trying to fit in every possible last detail before heading out on a awesome series of trips.  All while at the same time trying to fit … Read More Here

Running around

I’m starting (though semi-resisting) to get back into a rhythm.  Albeit at the moment that may or may not include much time getting wet in the pool.  But I do drive by it occasionally – that counts, right? Saturday morning … Read More Here

A look inside Lance Armstrong’s bike shop

While down in Austin this past week I had a chance to checkout Lance’s bike shop, which is called Mellow Jonny’s.  Before I went I checked out the website – which honestly came off a bit over the top.  They … Read More Here

Three sports…one training day

The day was labeled “Race Simulation” on my training calendar.  And had it been a nice summer day with birds chirping, it might have been just dandy.  But in reality, here’s what it looked like: Given the weather forecast was … Read More Here

Balls and Racks

Over the last month or so I’ve been toying with different methods to carry gel on my bike.  While this may seem like a relatively straightforward concept – it turns out it’s really not.  At least not once you consider … Read More Here

4 Hours

It’s funny, if you take a four hour workout and put it on a weekend, it really doesn’t seem so bad.  Say from 9AM to 1PM – you’re done around lunch time, and you have the remainder of the day … Read More Here

The long..long road ahead

While the ride was technically scheduled at 118 miles – just two miles short of my all-time 120 mile high, the weather conditions forecasted made it clear it was going to be a long…long ride. Despite temperatures into the rather … Read More Here

Many, many, many miles of Cornfields

When I received my schedule earlier this week for the next few weeks, this little nugget was in the e-mail body: I thought to myself…hmm, what is this ‘Queenstown 120’ he speaks of.  I have no such race by that … Read More Here

A Power Primer – Cycling with Power 101

If you watched any of the Tour de France this summer, you probably heard the commentators and on screen graphics showing ‘Watts’, and if you went ‘What?” – this this post is for you.  As part of laying the groundwork … Read More Here

One way ticket

Typically my weekly long ride involves a long out segment…and a long back segment – all on Skyline Drive up in da mountains.  However, this week…I’d be purchasing a one-way ticket.  Instead of normally turning around at the 50ish mile … Read More Here

75 Seconds to Evaporation

Yesterday’s brick and track workout was a hot one.  When we arrived at the school, the little reader board temperature thing said 98*F.  Though that felt a bit high, a quick check later on revealed it was instead 90*F with … Read More Here

It’s cheaper than a night out…century rides.

After attending a wedding Saturday evening, the girl and I were mixing up our nutrition for our long ride the next day when I realized that I had just gone through an ENTIRE CONTAINER of my sports drink (EFS) for … Read More Here

Two rocks and a chain

Now normally after a weekend I would talk about my typical Skyline drive bike ride, for example, we’d start with the night before with mixing up drinks… …using a KitchenAid blender of course.  How else am I supposed to mix … Read More Here

Wanna buy a Kenyan bike?

Last week before my flight back to the US, I swung briefly through a Kenyan mega mart of sorts on the way to the airport.  My coworkers wanted to pick up some coffee (nearby regions are known for it) at … Read More Here

Goin’ compact on Skyline

One of the biggest benefits of having a coach is when he or she can look back at months of data and finds a way to assist you in getting better. In my case, it was almost a year’s worth … Read More Here

Skyline, Pork and Penguins

Today was (and still is) a busy day.  We were on the road shortly after 6AM for the first Skyline Ride of the season.  For those not familiar, Skyline Drive is a long 100 mile road that rides along the … Read More Here

Bikes, Bubbles and BBQ’s

I’m now back on my ‘normal’ time zone, at least for another week anyway.  This means a fairly relaxing Saturday.  My only workout for the day was a 4200 yard swim, which ended with a 500 time trial (TT).  This … Read More Here

Two puddles of water and a desert

Wednesday brought a bit of improvement in the throat situation, which was good – as I had two workouts scheduled. But due to the conference speaking and other work schedule, I wasn’t able to tackle these until until around 5PM … Read More Here

I found some Red Rocks

So far…so good.  Well, as long as you don’t ask my throat.  I came into this trip with a slight head cold and a sore throat.  Speaking for 75 minutes at a shot multiple times a day…did not help the … Read More Here