Bicycle Crash Density

Who knew?  Such a term.  I would have called it “Place where things go wrong”.

I was browsing the city’s web site and stumbled upon their ‘Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility Plan’ from June.  This plan essentially outlines how they are going to take over the world via bike paths and sidewalks.  It’s lofty in its goals, of which much will unfortunately likely never be realized (primarily given the last time I went to a city planning meeting a council member flat out stated that “bikes shouldn’t be allowed on the road and that they were a danger to [her] SUV” – yes – that’s nearly a verbatim quote).

At any rate… I found this nifty little diagram:


Now, some expensive consultants likely put this together as well as the plan addressing how to fix many of these issues.  Of course, anyone who bikes or runs around Alexandria could easily have picked out the hot spots (generally categorized by a location where cars and cyclists willfully ignore stoplights/signs and thus tango together).  For example – you’ll note all of the locations with more than one incident are near intersections.  Some of those intersections HIGHLY sketchy, especially for cyclists or runners.

Speaking of runners…here’s the pedestrian crashola chart:


This is where the data becomes more interesting in my mind – especially as you see very clear trends between the two maps.  The same places were bike accidents happen – pedestrian accidents happen.

At any rate, I just thought it was an interesting diagram/map.  And I do have to give credit to the City of Alexandria.  They have a guy who’s job it is to run these projects and interface with the cycling community, and he’s pretty cool and down to earth.  They also run a fairly active listserv and cycling input group including having city folks on the discussion.  Plus, they repaved my path. 🙂

And…it appears they are out there doing something the last few days starting up some more cycling pathways stuff a bit further down the trail. So woot!


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  1. I will have to check out this on the City’s website. See if I should be scared in my neighborhood.

  2. Poor lady, I guess she has hit a cyclist and scratched her paint job on her SUV. I hope she at least stayed at the scene of the vandalism to her SUV and gave the offending cyclist an ear full and flipped him/her the bird.

    I wonder what she would do if our new President asked her to do her part in saving gas and helping the environment if she were to bike to work two days a week?

  3. I was just flying over DC yesterday, looking down at the bike path. I wish I lived somewhere with something that extensive!

  4. Interesting indeed to see how similar the two maps are! Great that they’re doing more work on your path.

    And now, inquiring minds want to know, do you celebrate the Superbowl – and if you do, what do you cook for it?!!

  5. I wish I had better biker paths around me. I don’t have to go far, 10-15 miles, to get on a good path but it can be a hassle some days.

  6. when i read this headline…i thought u had laid down your baby…ie crashed…
    fortunately, the cervelo was spared…i was in Baltimore and DC this weekend..i can’t imagine biking/running on the streets of a legitimate city of whose citizens show little to no care towards cyclists…DC tri community…brace souls

  7. Very interesting. Would love to see the stats for down in Texas where I used to bike and run!

  8. Nat

    oooh. I hope bike paths and sidewalks rule the world someday! I would take public transportation or bike everywhere if I could!