The miracles of degreaser

If you’re a triathlete or cyclist – then you likely find bike grease on just about every object you own.  And if you’re a runner, then you’ll still find this stuff pretty darn cool.

Back last winter the bike shop dude introduced me to degreaser as a way to clean my bike up.  The point of the conversation was primarily around cleaning up some gunk near my gears.  So I picked up a bottle for about $5 and used it for that task.  And then I squirted a little elsewhere on the bike out of curiosity.  Instantly – MAGIC occurred!  No matter what I squirted it at – it came off effortlessly with just a single wipe.  Dirt, grease, grime, gel packet goo, bugs, small rodents – you name it.  And it wasn’t just limited to my bike.  Nuh-uh – I sprayed it on my car, a small cooler, my hands, legs, arms, even my wood and tile flooring!   Rumor has it that some plastics aren’t too fond of it, but I haven’t personally seen any issues thus far.

Anyway – it’s freaking awesome!  Clearly the best part though is that it instantly picks up whatever you want it to with just one wipe.

Check out this quick before/during/after photo sequence with some grease on my wheel.   I tried using a rag with simple water first, but no luck.  With just one squirt and one wipe – check out the difference.

Before Squirt:

IMGP0582 1280 x 960

During Squirt:

IMGP0583 1280 x 960

After Squirt:

IMGP0584 1280 x 960

It works great on the frame too – keeping it all nice and reflective.  Look – I can see myself above the reflection of the camera below.

IMGP0589 1280 x 960

Anyway – I thought I’d share this little magical juice with ya.  It’s cheap – $5 – and lasts forever.  And it gets the grease off your bike  and your hands quickly and easily.  You can find any brand at any local bike shop.



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  1. I heart degreaser so much! But I’ll have to check this one out b/c I’ve been looking for a better one, so thank you! :)

  2. Does it work on clothes? BEcause I seem to ruin a lot of stuff with grease!

  3. Where in the world have I been? I must pick some of this weekend!

  4. Those it works on carpet too because the one in my apartment is really mess up… Thanks for the comment about NY man just start getting in the loto every year and then you will run it at least on 2012 or before that is how I got in. I assume you are ready for Philly.

  5. dan

    you need a pet…

  6. Simple Green is also works great. I’ll even let my husband work on his bike now indoors knowing that grease on the living room carpet and on the doors/walls, etc. will easily come off with it.

  7. Degreaser – I’m a fan. (Simple Green is …ok but it smells like licorice or something and I don’t yike it.)

  8. Ooo good suggestion. I always end up with it allll over my hands. And then I touch my face… the cycle goes on.

  9. gonna pick me up some of that stuff….thanks for the tip

  10. One of my few green products is an Orange based degreaser I use when cleaning my chain. It said it would not harm the enviorment, but it still killed my grass. LOL

    I will have to try this stuff out. Which bike store do you use?

  11. Terry

    i used to be a car cleaner in my younger days. Like you, the first time i found out the power of degreaser…wow.
    I use the auto version, pick up at kmart( some say it needs to be water down. i don’t care much), it works on every parts of my bike.

  12. Generic ‘road/traffic’ film remover is mightlily cheap and once bought needs diluting.

    I works out at about 1/100 of the price of Muk-Off and similar products.

  13. Roger

    Degreaser. Great on your chain, cassette etc if used carefully but avoid using it as a general cleaner on a carbon bike – it causes an oxidisation reaction with any metal rivets that attach some of the smaller frame parts to the main frame (such as the small bits that guide your brake cables) and can cause them to fall off. That then requires a specialist frame repairer to reattach it. Learn from my pain…..!! Use bike shampoo on the frame. That’s why they have bike shampoo….. :-)

  14. Soren Cicchini

    Be careful with degreaser – there are different formulations, some water-based and some hydrocarbon-based. Read the instructions for the one you are using for details of collateral damage, health and environmental warnings. The one I am using (a hydrocarbon-based one) will stain paint if not removed within a couple of minutes (I think it reacts with the clear coat) and will also destroy polished aluminium finishes. Also, don’t wash it off with a pressure washer unless you intend to repack your bearings immediately afterwards.

  15. Neil

    I used the FinishLine solvent based degreaser on my Lemond Buenos Aires. Takes the heavy grease off the drive train, but should not be used at all on the frame. Some got under the paint in areas and lifted it up as a film (paint would be catalyzed) so now i have to refinish the painted areas of the frame. As stated above, could be bad for the carbon also. Use caution.

  16. Bernie

    I use break cleaner you purchase at any auto shop. it is cheap and works great.

  17. Ken Harrison

    I like the thoroughness of your reviews.