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Friday Tidbits

As part of some upcoming work travel trips I’ve been filling out a crap-ton of visa applications for different countries.  I have a list of some 31 countries, of which I’ll be visiting about a third of over the next … Read More Here

Running around

I’m starting (though semi-resisting) to get back into a rhythm.  Albeit at the moment that may or may not include much time getting wet in the pool.  But I do drive by it occasionally – that counts, right? Saturday morning … Read More Here

Turkey Turkey

As I had mentioned on Sunday, I started my Thanksgiving dinner preparations a bit earlier in the week, with pumpkin pie.  But, those two pies didn’t exactly last very long around these parts – and certainly not until Thursday. So … Read More Here

The Great Turtle Escape

I’ve had turtles forever…since I was a tiny little kid.  Of course, when I got my first turtle, our family didn’t know much about turtles.  My friend had a few box turtles and I had decided they were too boring, … Read More Here

A look inside Lance Armstrong’s bike shop

While down in Austin this past week I had a chance to checkout Lance’s bike shop, which is called Mellow Jonny’s.  Before I went I checked out the website – which honestly came off a bit over the top.  They … Read More Here

Thursday Tidbits

In no particular order, here’s a couple of things related to me…and not related to me. 1) Swim interrupted…again: Wednesday night’s swim was dinked again when the lifeguards called a 5-minute ‘safety break’.  Something about being short-staffed and needing a … Read More Here

Little presents

I generally appreciate little random presents.  Most little presents are surprises, and most of the time, they are good. So this weekend I was excited to find a little present in my mailbox after finishing my rather long workout. After … Read More Here

Running from the police (Part II)

I was downtown (DC) today for a series of meetings and related stuffs, which is somewhat unusual in that I generally work from home.  I had finished up my day and was heading out of a building and made it … Read More Here

Ironman and Ironman 70.3 Age Group Drug Testing

A few weeks back, the World Triathlon Corporation (owners of Ironman and 70.3 races) announced that it would be increasing and expanding it’s programs around drug testing. However, it’s the follow little snippet that caught everyone’s attention: “Additionally, a Registered … Read More Here

Friday tidbits

Let’s see, what’s been going on in the Rainmaker world… Well, first, I fixed my RSS feed.  There was an ‘issue’, resulting from the otherwise massive size of the 310XT review post (68 pages in Word, in case you’re wondering), … Read More Here

The week…in pictures

Now that I’m back in DC I figured I’d post a bunch of interesting pictures that didn’t make it into any particular previous post. Above: On the drive up to Penticton at a gas station near the border Below: Medals … Read More Here

A special message from The Girl

Yesterday after getting home from work, The Girl had a little present all wrapped up for me.  After I delicately opened (read: tore open without regard) the carefully wrapped package, I found myself a new t-shirt – designed and imported … Read More Here

Soccer, Sockeye, and Sights

Outside the realm of training, the weekend was also full of all sorts of other things.  In particular, Sunday was rather busy…here’s a recap. Following a Sunday noon-time 4,100 yard swim, we rushed out the door and off to Fedex … Read More Here

My Giant Sac

Two weeks ago in the middle of my Rhode Island 70.3 taper I had a bit of spare time on my hands.  One night while sitting around watching TV I decided I wanted something a bit more comfortable…so I wandered … Read More Here

A sporting weekend

This weekend turned out to be full of sports, and not just of the Cupcake Creation variety either (which, of course, is an official sport around these parts).  But I see no reason to skip over the cupcakes.. As I … Read More Here

Going really really really long with your Forerunner 305

One of the most common complaints with the Forerunner 305 is that for most age group athletes is its battery life – limited to about 10 hours on a good day.  This precludes many folks from being able to use … Read More Here

Send me to Antarctica, among other things…

The first thing I shall draw your attention to is a fully updated Garmin 305 review post.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, review posts that I do account for a fair chunk of traffic to my blog, so I … Read More Here

Dinner with the First Lady

I feel like I should at least mention it, albeit briefly.  Tonight, when The Girl and I arrived at the restaurant (Tosca) in downtown DC for dinner, we were met with Secret Service agents and wands to check us for … Read More Here

Friday’s Random Tidbits

This week has been full of all sorts of random stuff.  Given it’s been a recovery/taper week leading up to Sunday’s race here in DC, I’ve had a lowered volume of workouts.  A quick recap would be: Monday: 20.02 mile … Read More Here

Rainmaker rant: Race photo companies

If you read my blog often, you know that I have little love for the majority of race-day photo companies.   These being the companies that are on the course during a race and take our photos, and then offer to … Read More Here

Wanna buy a Kenyan bike?

Last week before my flight back to the US, I swung briefly through a Kenyan mega mart of sorts on the way to the airport.  My coworkers wanted to pick up some coffee (nearby regions are known for it) at … Read More Here

Acting like a camel – or the water boy

At some point last summer while preparing for one of my long rides (typically 7-9 hours) I realized that I was packing more water bottles in the car than I preferred to have rolling around.  And while re-using plastic bags … Read More Here

I’m no longer a girl, I’m now a male!

As some long time readers may remember, back a while ago I stumbled upon a little snafu where the US Government (in particular, the Social Security Administration) thought I was female. It all bubbled to the surface two summers ago … Read More Here

My requests to race directors

Over the past couple of years, I’ve come up with a list of things that I like – and don’t like – about races.  I’m going to keep it bulleted, just to simplify things.  I’m hoping that at least one … Read More Here

Ummm…it got hot.

I think this marked the beginning of the ‘busy season’, which officially goes from now until mid-November.  Sorta like opening day in major league baseball – only much less relaxing. I honestly don’t remember what happened Thursday or Friday, so … Read More Here