The week…in pictures

Now that I’m back in DC I figured I’d post a bunch of interesting pictures that didn’t make it into any particular previous post.

IMGP5985Above: On the drive up to Penticton at a gas station near the border
Below: Medals from the Kids 1K race (the 5K folks didn’t get medals)



Above: Less than a third of all of the bikes at the event.
Below: No comment.


IMG_9820AAbove: The leader climbing up Yellow Lake. 
Below: One of the signs nearby Yellow Lake (A Schwarzenegger line in Predator)



Above: They were hanging out below the stands…the right one must have downed too much Pepsi
Below: A pretty incredible shot my brother took at the finish line of the top females



Above: Post-race at Denny’s, with volunteers in the background.
Below: Just prior to midnight cheering in 79-year old Sister Madonna to the finish line.


IMGP6169 Above: The morning after, where the finish line proudly stood just 10 hours earlier.  Note the finish line clock time (stopped).
Below: I went for an open water swim two days later near my parents place in Seattle, to test out some 310XT features



Above: Heading back to DC Wednesday evening
Below: The long push from the terminal to my car


And now…back to normal. :)


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  1. Take some time to settle in. You’ve earned it. You’ve also got me chomping at the bit. 1.5 weeks to go!

  2. Awesome photos. I like the lillypads, but did you SWIM in those? Ewwww…

  3. awesome pictures! welcome back to the states.

  4. Great photo essay! The Bug Splat Chart is fantastic!

  5. Dog = definitely cautionary illustration of sugar hangover…

  6. Maybe the bear in the bike bag was someone’s good luck charm :)

  7. Congrats! You are a super-fast stud! I had no idea. I think I remember you calling my name on the run but it’s all a blur. I love all the pics. I was wrecked after Yellow Lake too but I’m pretty sure it was my stomach flu. Next time, maybe I can enjoy my race more!

  8. dude, do you have papparazzi following your every move?? How did you get that shot at the airport on the way home? don’t tell me it was staged!

    love the bug splat chart. very useful! and the lilypad shot. You’re so artistic!

  9. Normal?

    So what’s next?

  10. Missed you there. It looks like you finished right behind one of my athletes. Nice job.

    I swam with the Garmin 310 for the first time out there. I don’t think it works very well in the water. I swam to the boat and back on the buoy line and it said that it was 2.3 miles. I wish I could swim that far in 26 minutes. It was more like 1.2 miles. Did you get accurate results with yours?

  11. Hi Rainmaker, just found your blog while researching the garmin 305. Very cool , lots of good info in your review.

  12. superb photos… I love the bulldogs… buddy of mine had one when we were kids and he used to torment me..I was afraid of him..but that was silly of me…he was the most wonderful of dogs…
    keep that garmin shot on the lily pad..thats outstanding..

  13. you amaze and inspire me! thanks for your encouragement too!

  14. Great photos! I love the bug splat guide and Garmin sitting on a lily pad the best.

  15. You swam with all those lily pads?

    Anyway, I think Garmin should pay you for that shot :-)