My Giant Sac

Two weeks ago in the middle of my Rhode Island 70.3 taper I had a bit of spare time on my hands.  One night while sitting around watching TV I decided I wanted something a bit more comfortable…so I wandered off to Tyson’s Corner (massive mall) to check out the options at Love Sac.  For those of you not familiar with Love Sac, they make giant bean-bag chairs (well, sorta).

Anyways…first up – getting my huge sac out of my little car:


And then getting it up the first of three flights of stairs (the joys of a four story townhouse).  Now, you may think my massive sac would be light…but…it’s not.  It’s 55 pounds of goodness.


I decided to deal with my sac in my home office, at least until I could find the final place to put it.


Oh, the little bag contains my sac cover, can’t have any naked sacs hanging out.


So, the first step is to bond with my naked sac and fluff it.  That’s in order to assist it in reading its full potential.  Hey – that’s what it says – read it yourself:


So, I open up the sac bag, and pull it out:



It’s in a plastic bag that I quickly toss.  Then I’ve gotta pull apart my sac and fluff it.  See, it turns out there’s no beans inside my sac, it’s merely foam.  Talk about a moment of confusion.  But this durafoam expands as it gets more lovin’, so I have to massage it and break it apart.

IMG_0049 IMG_0050 IMG_0051

I also have to pull the bottom of my sac and flip it over, and over…and over…and over.  And in between each flip, I have to massage it.  Let me tell you, this is a LOT of work.  No really, I wish I had put on my HR monitor for this – you’d be amazed.  I was exhausted after my first sac massaging session.


That night I had some conference calls at midnight, so I continued to pound away at my sac well into the night.  Given they were just conference calls, I could jump around and all while still on my headset.


The next morning I tackled it a bit more before taking the ‘next step’ with my sac.  I didn’t want to move too fast with my sac.  It is fairly impressive how much it expands the first few days.


Then came the moment of glory – covering my naked sac.  This involved taking out my cover of choice and wrapping it all the way around my giant naked sac.

IMG_0057 IMG_0058 IMG_0059

And finally, I present you my covered sac:


Now, I still haven’t really decided where’ it’s final resting place will be.  The girl dragged my big sac down a flight of stairs last week to place it in front of the TV screen.  Of course, this was awkward for all involved because my sac is sooo big that it may have kinda gotten stuck on the way down.  But a little massaging of the sac and all was good.  Here’s it down in front of the TV in the living room next to the bikes (one on the trainer currently).  The only catch here is it kinda blocks the main entrance/exit.  We found a spot in the left corner which is in the sun during the day (which is nice), but there’s no view of the TV.  So for now it’s back to the center of the room.


And here’s my hanging out on my sac tonight, writing this post:


So…that’s all I got.  I’ve got some cool stuff coming up later this week – more details soon…


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  1. Nat

    Oh. my. god. Hilarious!!! You and Steve in a Speedo are getting more and more alike in your postings. I love it!

  2. Oh wow. You had FAR too much fun posting this, didn’t you?

  3. There was steam coming out of my laptop as I was reading this post! Between The Girl handling your sack to you massaging it, I thought I was going to crack a rib I was laughing so hard.

  4. at first i Rainmaker…a little low brow, don’t ya think??…but it’s SOOOOO funny. Looks super comfy!

  5. My mother-in-law handmade one of these for my husband a few years back. It was so huge, we had a hard time finding space for it in the house. It turned out to be used more as a giant dog bed than anything else but just so you can see the scale with a human: link to

  6. I had no idea that sacs…er…giant bean bags were so much work! Too funny!

  7. Amazing how much it grew with a little lurve!

  8. Sooo funny! Look comfy but I’d be afraid it might grow even bigger and push me out of my house!!

  9. Ray,

    Are the penguins from Madagascar in the background up on your counter???

  10. Nah, from The Hilton Hawaii. ;) Go figure…

  11. Bean bag chairs are coming back? Who knew? Either way, I’m jealous! I bet THIS one won’t explode little white beads all over your room!

  12. You had much fun in posting this I bet. ;) Very comfy! WOnderfully taken into images! Enjoy more and more. Life is meant to be lived like zero gravity. : )

  13. Anonymous

    so how do you move this thing if you ever get a new place lol

  14. You have an awesome sac there!

  15. Your sack is huge Ray ;)

  16. RWJ

    I want to kick you in the sac.

  17. well i know everyone loves your sac, but someone has to tell you: that’s the ugliest sac i’ve ever seen.

  18. scott

    Have to admit that I had different expectations for this post after reading I’m no longer a girl here. Glad to learn this wasn’t a resurgence of that issue.

  19. Nigel Pond

    Gotta ask – did you take your giant sac with you to Paris?

  20. Raf Castillo

    I’m only here because The Girl referenced this post (which I don’t think I’ve ever read) in this week’s Newsletter.

    link to

    Damn you look so young in these photos.