Random tidbits – I was featured on TrainingPeaks.com

Just in case some of you missed it (well, everyone but Bill)…I was featured on the front page of the Training Peaks website two weeks ago as part of their member profile series.  The front page was then linked to a big ole post on me (complete with pictures!).  I was in Spain at the time, but did manage to grab a couple of quick screenshots for later – because no photos = no proof, right?  Plus – who would ever believe I was featured on the same page as running legend Hal Higdon?  (Btw, I actually used his free marathon training plan for my first marathon a few years back.)  Anyway…


I use TP (Training Peaks) to upload all my workouts so my coach can ‘critique’ them when he logs into Training Peaks.  I also use it to track resting heart rate (RHR)/sleep/weight and occasionally use it to track what I eat.  You can read all the deets as part of the full article here.


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  1. I also use TP- it’s nice to be able to access the data easily. I also upload to WKO+ to do some analytics.

  2. You get famouser and famouser. :D

  3. Pretty cool – I wanted to scroll down to read the rest of the profile, before I remembered it was a screen grab. Oh well – I assume the story had a good ending.

  4. I actually got the profile through Google Reader and was going to mention it. But then I remembered that you didn’t leave any nuts in my race bag, so I decided against it.

  5. Dad

    Nice read Ray and well deserved you have work hard over the last couple years, keep up the hard work and your goals will fall into place.

    link to blog.trainingpeaks.com

  6. I use it to, but not as much as I should…

  7. that is so cool! excellent article! you are kicking so much ass.

    nice shirt too.

  8. That is awesome.

    I used Hal Higdon for nearly all my Marathons. It does work.

  9. TP also asked me for a profile last fall and I never got around to it. Oh well, at least now you are famous!

  10. Larspetterh

    How cool! However it seems that the blog post is too old and therefor removed from TP website. I found it here btw: link to web.archive.org