Things I was going to blog about…

I was going to blog about the process of picking a coach, but I got lazy and busy and everything else that happens.  So maybe I’ll write it up over the weekend

I was going to blog about signing up for the Boston Marathon – but I haven’t done that yet, so therefore I can’t blog about it yet.

I was going to blog about putting up my Christmas tree.  I picked it up on Tuesday and then me and Santa’s little helper decorated it tonight prior to our run.

I was going to blog about my first weight room session.  During tonight’s workout (8 mile run followed by my first core/strength workout), I decided that the ‘joy’ of my first core/weight room workout would be solid and hilarious fodder for a blog post.  It was entertaining on many levels, so that would make a fine post.

But…when I got home, I found much suckage.


My Christmas tree somehow fell over.  I don’t understand how, I don’t have a cat or anything else.  Over it went.  Missing two TV’s and landing on/through my bike (on the trainer).  The bike’s fine.  The tree itself is fine, but many of the ornaments shattered into millions of little pieces all over the place.

(The above picture is the top of the tree, below my left peddle/left shoe)

In one oddity, a bulb actually fell and clipped onto the spoke sticker of the helpers bike (also on a trainer next to mine).  Amazingly, it did not break.


Sad panda. :(

But tomorrow, me and Santa’s helper will again…decorate the tree.


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  1. That totally bites about the tree falling. But I love the picture of the ornament that tried to decorate your friend’s bike!

  2. Oh my goodness… sorry about your tree falling over! When you discover how that happened blog about it!

  3. Janice

    Sorry to hear about the tree. Ornaments are rather sentimental for me so I would be bummed. Thankfully it did not knock over the tv!

  4. That stinks :(.

    My tree fell over not once, but TWICE last year, although I don’t think I had as much ornament breakage as you do. After our tree did multiple tips, we did some research on stands, and realized we needed a new one – we ended up with the “One, Two, Tree” stand (it has a metal rod that goes up the center of a drilled hole in the base of the tree). Ours hasn’t tipped since, and it takes about 1 minute to put up the tree. It’s expensive, but less expensive than replacing all the ornaments :).

    Sorry about all the breakage :(

  5. That sucks!!! But I love that one of the bulbs got caught up in the spokes of your bike – that’s great!!

    Good luck with the mess….

  6. To bad for your tree may be a wind or the base was not to tight …about the bars is going to be fun may be we should take a break of training that weekend

  7. That might just be that saddest thing ever – coming home to your Christmas tree fallen over and the ornaments broken! Hopefully it stays this time.

  8. sorry about the tree…but hey, more quality time with the special helper ;-)

    is that fluid or magnetic trainer on the helper’s bike? I would think fluid but it looks different…

    At least the sweet TV survived…

  9. Oh no ornaments! I hope they were generic ornaments and not special ornaments from that time you were 5 and your long lost father swam the atlantic ocean to be reunited with you and presented you with one ornament before he collapsed at your feet.

    That would be tragic.

  10. Ohhhhhhh that is SOOOOOOOO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :(


    At first I thought it was funny because, ha, the tree fell over! But then when I realized you had fragile ornaments that had shattered my smile completely went away and I just felt so bad for you.

    I hope it wasn’t too many really special ornaments that broke. I think that would be worse than cleaning up the mess.

  11. What a bummer … but thanks for reminding me – I should really tighten the screws on the Christmas tree stand we put up last night.

    Hope the cleanup and reassembly goes well.

  12. Sorry to hear about your ornaments – how strange! But…thank goodness it didn’t hit your nice TV.

  13. i say you keep the ornament in the spokes….yep… that would be cool….

    my theories on why it fell

    a. too much weight on one side and it tipped
    b. like an elderly person, it actually snapped and then fell.
    c. someone you are not aware of..has a key to your place…..

  14. Am I the only one that is curious about who the santa’s helper is? Common Ray who is she hehehe, must be a good person to have such a beautiful FELT BIKE :-)

    Regarding the Tree I think it’s the tree spirit punishing you for having A REAL TREE at home, if everyone has a real tree at home there it goes half of the O2 on earth… think about it… it’s another theorie to ad to triguyjt list

  15. awww serious suckage. that happened to me once too. no cat. no reason. just the universe conspiring. i do think you are being sent a VERY special message with that one perfect bulb decorating helper’s spoke.


  16. I have had my tree fall over not just once, but three times and it was the same tree. the trunk did not fit well in the stand. I had to take string and tack it to the wall behind the tree and wrap it around the trunk to keep it up. It was not fun.

  17. Clever way to get Santa’s helper to come back. What’s her name?

  18. You better sign up for Boston soon.