Send me to Antarctica, among other things…

The first thing I shall draw your attention to is a fully updated Garmin 305 review post.  As I’ve mentioned a few times, review posts that I do account for a fair chunk of traffic to my blog, so I try and keep them current from time to time.  With a Garmin 310XT review post in the near future, I wanted to go back and update the 305 one so that folks trying to make a decision could do so with two product reviews with updated information.  So I expanded it a TON, and also updated all of the software pieces to include more recent versions of software.  Go check it out

Oh, and that’s not even a 1/3rd of it!

On a similar note, I hit a minor little milestone earlier this week – my 100,000th’s visitor.



(Note to Greenland: You are totally slackin’, you need to get on the ball!)

The growth of the number of people visiting through here on a daily basis continues to astound me, as well as the number of people reading every day on RSS readers (which these numbers don’t capture),  I’d suspect at the current rate I’ll hit 200,000 people by the end of the year (that’s actually a very safe estimate).  So thank you to all of you who read or comment!

On a complete different note…

I have my TIVO-esque TV recording thingy (Windows Media Center) set to record anything with the word ‘Triathlon’ in it.  This typically means it picks up all the ITU and Ironman races that are broadcast and rebroadcast numerous times per week, and occasionally it will pick up a special here and there that features triathlon.  But one thing it picks up about once a month is the following cartoon on Nickelodeon:


Funny how that works…

And switching topics one last time…

Ok, and last but by no means least – I need a little favor!


See, a company called Quark Expeditions does these trips to Antarctica.  And for years I’ve been getting little brochures in the mail and am on their e-mail list.  Now, just a few days ago they opened up this competition where you can enter to be a blogger on one of their two week trips next winter.  Normally, this would be $20,000!  But…if I can garner enough votes, it’ll be…FREE!  The only thing I’d do in return in blog a few times a day about the whole experience.

Now, you folks all know I can travel blog like no other.  A quick trip down travel blog memory lane reveals day by day coverage of a two week trip to Africa earlier this year – all from the middle of nowhere.  Now imagine if my whole purpose in life on the trip was to blog about it!  Yeah, you’d see more photos than you knew what to do with!

Of course, given that I have a bit of triathlon in me, I’m confident I can put together a miniature one-person triathlon in Antarctica.  Most of the journey’s include a quick polar dip, and dragging one of those foldable bikes onboard seems reasonable.  So…whatchya say?  Help a guy out?

Glad you agree!

Now, all ya gotta do is go here and vote, it only takes about 10 seconds to do.  Oh, and I have no idea why it says I’m from Canada…but suffice to say, I’m not.  Hopefully that’ll all get corrected soon!

Plus, if I see good voter turnout I’ll reveal why the Girl and I went and bought 21 pounds of marshmallow’s yesterday…


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  1. spicoli

    i voted for you.

  2. I want to buy a new 405 and have been using your review to help me make the jump. The only thing is if I buy the 405, when will the 505come out? Knowing my luck a day after I buy the 405.

    The reviews are always good!

  3. 100k wow…well I do have Greenland!

    You got my vote!

  4. That would be an amazing trip. Voted!

  5. 21 pounds! Wow… Did you sleep on them?

    I voted for you too!

  6. You win this, you SO owe me. Antarctica cruise is on my list of dream vacations. I guess cenotes diving in Riviera Maya this fall will have to do for now.

  7. If only you knew how much I LONG to own a 310XT… It’s hard to justify because I JUST got the 405 for Christmas, but… that doesn’t keep me from wanting it!

    Funny thing is – as soon as I heard they were releasing the 310XT I thought… I wonder if Rainmaker is going to review it! I got my answer!

  8. I voted for you. Antarctica is awesome. I spent some time there when I was in the Air Force. Seriously cold though. I don’t think I could go back now.

  9. Good luck winning the trip, reading your blog maybe the only way I get there! Your have my vote.

  10. Good luck bud! You have my vote…

  11. Voted as well, because I enjoy the travel blogs :)

  12. LG

    Antarctica — you could do the Antarctica Marathon — good luck! Antarctica would be lucky to have you blogging about it.

  13. Seems like there is some tough competition with some high vote totals. You got my vote for what its worth.

    FYI – I’m finally pulling the trigger and heading to Skyline tomorrow (some other HIP DC Tri peeps are going as well). Hope to see you out there!

  14. voted for you ray! best of luck to you…

    you wouldn’t happen to mind any campaigning would you? after all it IS a competition.
    one twitter post….just sayin

  15. Good luck in your trip. I’m gonna read your Garmin 305 review as I been thinking of looking into getting one.

  16. OK, I voted!

    Funny, I have NO idea how many people have ever visited my blog yet I seem to get all sorts of requests to review stuff. Quite annoying, actually, for someone who tries to stay clear of doing product reviews.

  17. Do I have to register on that site to vote? I will if I need to, wasn’t sure. I clicked the ‘vote for you’ button and then it took me to a registration screen.

  18. My boyfriend was just commenting how jealous he is of your life. Good luck with the Antarctica trip!

  19. The marshmallow thing has piqued my interest…..

    congrats on 100k…wow…

  20. Thanks to everyone who’s voted, I appreciate it!

    Nick – I don’t expect a 505 to come out anytime soon. Garmin’s been coming out with stuff basically every year. So the 405’s came out late Spring 2008, the 410CX/310 late spring 2009. My guess is we might see a revised in Spring 2010. Typically releases are timed with the Boston Marathon (April), and announcements with either Boston or with the Consumer Electronics show the first week of January in Vegas.

    Bob – Yup, you do indeed have to register – just to ensure it’s a human voting instead of a computer. It only takes a second though.

  21. Voted! Hope you get it – that would be awesome and we all know the pictures would be sweet.