Funny guy, ehh?

This morning sent out a calendar placeholder (out of office – OOF) for an upcoming vacation I have planned for the end of the month.  My e-mail was very short, and not too descriptive beyond basically saying “I’m not really available”.  See my below e-mail:


Well…and what do I get back from my friend/co-worker?
(click to open bigger version)


Cute…very cute.

The irony here is that he actually nailed a bizarre number of side trips/events without knowing anything else other than what’s in my original e-mail.  As to which ones he’s gotten right…you’ll have to wait.

Oh, and for those curious – I’m number 463, trackable here:

Of course most of the time these things lag behind quite a bit…but…there ya go anyway.  The race is Sunday, starting at 7AM(!).  It will still be below freezing at that point.  Nice…


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  1. Good to know that your coworkers think you’re crazy and active too… and not just us bloggers.

  2. Haha, if I didn’t put bounds on my husband’s traveling, his travel schedule would look just as busy over the holidays. You must either be single or have a VERY understanding wife!

  3. that’s awesome. have you done a post on supplements you may/not use? coffee? how many hours of sleep a night do you get?

  4. LMAO.

    Good to know your co-workers know you.

    I get similar snide comments all the time at work. For example, at PT this week – “We’ll all do an easy run. For us that means 3-4 miles, for Bill it’ll be 20.”

  5. SLB

    You’re becoming predictable!

    Race well Sunday

  6. and do you know what movie ‘cute…very cute’ is from? good luck in philli tomorrow – it’s an awesome race with a super-fast course. (have you run it before?) if not, don’t get freaked out by the unadvertised hills. i think you’ll find that the hills actually help because you have the opportunity to change muscle groups a bit. anyway, have fun and run fast!

  7. Your co-worker is too funny! Wow, I’m curious to know what u’re really doing in Egypt, Dubai, and Kenya!

  8. Well you’re definitely a busy guuy with a crazy and hectic schedule!

    Best of luck in Philly!

  9. HA! Somebody knows you…

    And good luck this today!!!!

  10. Your marathon should be over now. Hope all went well, look forward to your write-up!

  11. you have some hilarious co-workers. Cold makes you run faster! As if that’s possible in your case. hope it went well!

  12. HOLY CRAP I JUST SAW YOUR TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Covering a lot of terrain over the holidays, and some pretty diverse habitat… Be careful running in Kenya, hopefully not on the Maasai Mara! Super fast time in the Philly Marathon, wow!

  14. Dude! I just looked up your time. Friggin’ awesome.