Tuesday Tidbits

I haven’t posted my Philly Race Report, as I’m going to wait till tomorrow evening for the official photos to get posted.

Post-Marathon Sunday night I did a trainer ride, and then I swam yesterday – just a 1,000M or so.  It was good, and I could almost walk after it.  Currently 104 year old grandma’s walk faster than I.  I did a bike trainer ride today, which also helped.  I’m hoping by Wednesday I’ll be able to walk normally…just in time for the Turkey Trots (in costume) on Thursday.

It’s that time of year again though were tri races open and close extremely fast.  Here’s a couple of quick ones you should be aware of (mostly related to my little corner of the world):

  1. The Philly Tri (Olympic Distance): As of Monday morning’s panic inducing e-mail it was 85% sold out (in just three weeks).  Given the e-mail they sent out yesterday, I can’t imagine this will remain open beyond Turkey Day.  I did this last year, but it doesn’t fit my schedule next year.
  2. Nation’s Tri: Without doubt my favorite Olympic distance event held here in DC.  This opened this morning for USAT members, and opens next Monday at 12:01AM EST for everyone else.  I can’t imagine this will be open very long either.  Interestingly, they’ve changed the course again this year, and introduced a DUAL-SWIM (yes, two simultaneous swim courses).  I think given time this will rival the NYC and Chicago Triathlons.  Best of all: No Active.com registration.  My registration is complete.

Non-tri related tidbits:

  1. Currently I’m sleeping with…a bunch of cookbooks.  Yesterday I spent some of my day sifting through potential recipes for Thanksgiving Dinner (held at my place this year).  I’m slowly narrowing it all down.  But all the recipes, papers and what-not are sitting on the other half of my bed in the meantime. I picked up the birdie yesterday.
  2. Tomorrow will be dedicated to lots of cooking.  Pies, brining, breads, woohoo!
  3. I need to stuff my turkey.  Noooo…not the one I’m cooking – but my turkey costume.  Much better than the newspaper I used during Halloween.

Ok…that’s it.


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  1. Janice

    Please tell me your a member of epicurous.com – it’s free and you can access recipes from Gourmet, Bon Appetit, etc. from years back. I HIGHLY recommend it.
    Good luck with all your cooking! I am just doing two pies though having difficulty with my pastry dough. We’re not hosting this year so there is less pressure. Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow…gobble gobble.

  2. H-m-m-m, you need to look around for another sleeping partner, cookbooks are too sharp around the edges.

    Good luck with the Turkey Trot and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I wish I was brave enough to register for multiple events. Having a Tri as an excuse to travel to your part of the world seems really fun! :)

  4. It all sounds good to me. what time is dinner?
    Have a happy and fun thanksgiving.

    pics of you as a turkey? please?

  5. I’ll be signing up for both Philly and Nations Tri… thanks for the heads up :)