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Riding into the night…

Last night (Monday) I had a long ride scheduled.  I don’t usually have long rides scheduled on weekdays, but with a short sprint race this past weekend, and the Boston Marathon this upcoming weekend (well, Monday) it was gearing up … Read More Here

Cherry Blossoms and gazillions of people

Every year about this time about 2,000 Cherry Trees around DC explode with little flowers.  Not only does it seem to usher in the start of spring, but also the start of the main tourist season.  I generally try to … Read More Here

Jumping into the deep end

The last few days have been a nice change of pace as I’ve got a recovery week which started this past Saturday through Friday. (The Pacers Running group getting ready to head out pre-run) This change of pace gave me … Read More Here

Tuesday Tidbits – February Edition

In no particular order – observations of the last week: No, my blog is not for sale.  While I’m flattered by the offer, it would be kinda awkward to sell this blog and blog name.  However, if you present me … Read More Here

Bicycle Crash Density

Who knew?  Such a term.  I would have called it “Place where things go wrong”. I was browsing the city’s web site and stumbled upon their ‘Pedestrian and Bicycle Mobility Plan’ from June.  This plan essentially outlines how they are … Read More Here

Spinning around after a long run

There are few times in my little athletic life where working out after I’ve already worked out sound appealing.  I’ve just finished another 20+ miler and my legs are already unhappy with me, but what’s on the schedule?  A bike … Read More Here

Loops, Flips and More Loops

Loops Saturday marked the beginning of the taper for the Philly Marathon in two weeks.  It included an interesting run workout that I hadn’t done before.  It started off with a 10 minute warm up, and then stepped down temporarily … Read More Here

The miracles of degreaser

If you’re a triathlete or cyclist – then you likely find bike grease on just about every object you own.  And if you’re a runner, then you’ll still find this stuff pretty darn cool. Back last winter the bike shop … Read More Here

A few less than ideal ways to lose weight

I set off at just after 6:30AM on Saturday morning. My plan was to run about 21 or so miles in the 2 hours 30 minutes I had allotted for Saturday’s long run. The plan consisted of a run from … Read More Here

Run towards the buns

Saturday is all about the run.  Run far, run sorta fast…but run long.  So I did.  Just shy of 21 miles worth of bank deposits in 2.5 hours.  I was a bit unhappy though as I couldn’t get the speed … Read More Here

The effects of a cold on athletic performance

Indoor trainers provide a really great way to analyze the effects of a given environmental parameter without all of the fuss of the environment itself changing. Last Saturday I had an indoor trainer workout.  The exact same workout I did … Read More Here

Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat

Monday marked a return to the norm.  The ever constant and cyclic training regime: Swim, Bike, Run, Rinse, Repeat (actually, there are many rinses, fear not).  Except, the cool thing is that since I’ve got a race on Sunday (Nation’s … Read More Here

The rear rack

I’ve received a number of e-mails and questions about my rear hydration/rack system on my tri bike.  So this is just a quick post to explain the various components.  The reason some have asked is that the Cervelo’s P2C’s are … Read More Here

Enjoying the Taper

I continue to have more time that I know what to do with.  So, I’ve been filling up the rest of the days will all sorts of fun things to keep me busy. Friday: After knocking out a mini-IT2 trainer … Read More Here

How to make bad BBQ

Another weekend, another busy boatload of stuff. In my continued attempts to keep things short, here’s the quick version. Friday: After having fun with the usual Friday IT2 trainer ride, it was time to watch the opening ceremonies. Without a … Read More Here

How to use CO2 for cycling – a beginners guide

So perhaps you were like me – afraid of the little cylinder.  Perhaps you thought it would just simply explode on you, or that when you went to use it you’d end up putting more CO2 into the the sky … Read More Here

The Last Century (condensed version)

In an attempt to appease the blogosphere, I will try and make this weekend workout recap short.  Really…I promise Sarah and Peter.  So let’s jump right in. Saturday: Continuing the week over week increase in swim time, I swam 1hr … Read More Here

Back to the track…and Seattle.

The last few days in Seattle have been great. I’ve been out here for work, but I’m able to get a ton of non-work things in as well. After arriving Monday afternoon I swung downtown to pickup my relevant conference … Read More Here

Kayaking, Long Swims and Rifles

I’ve been a wee bit busy over the last few days – especially since Thursday afternoon.  I’m SOOO far behind in e-mail, catching up with reading folks blogs, and really just about everything.  So here’s the rundown.  I tried to … Read More Here

Going Long

This weekend was all about the long game.  Long swim, long bike.  The usual long run comes Tuesday. I actually spent Saturday morning baking, making a nice breakfast and making ice cream (which is a post for later this week).  … Read More Here

Le Tour de Drugs

I started off and really enjoyed the Tour de France for the first few days.  They had it rebroadcast from 8:30PM to 11:30PM – so at a time I could actually watch it.  But I got pretty busy the last … Read More Here

Boo-Boo and Bambi

Today…well today was a long day. I knocked out my first century ride. Technically 101 miles. Except, this wasn’t no flat-ground century. Nope, this was back up on Skyline again (in case you haven’t noticed by now – every one … Read More Here

A relaxing weekend

This weekend I decided to lie low a bit.  The last few weekends (ok..more than a few) have been so jam packed that I barely had time to breath.  With the next few weekends returning to the same (race, family … Read More Here

Ironman…or Rocketman?

Given that Ironman Canada has a few rather lengthy and steep hills, I’ve decided that some of my previously highlighted bikes won’t quite do the job.  Instead… I plan to invest in a bike that does a much better job … Read More Here


In many ways, my weekends are somewhat predictable.  Run, Swim, Laze Around, Sleep, Bike, Run.  Repeat.  But, I try and mix things up as much as possible to keep the routine from becoming stagnant. Saturday: I met up with the … Read More Here