Tomorrow: Shower with your helmet day

There are certain days every year that are well celebrated by the masses.  Christmas, New Year’s and Independence day come to mind (and many religions/countries have variants of those major ones).  Then there are those holidays that are still well known, but perhaps not as widely celebrated – i.e. – Winter Solstice.  And finally – there are those holidays that only certain groups of people could appreciate.  And that is where this particular one comes into action.


Tomorrow – April 12th – is “Shower with your helmet day” – per the March 2008 Bicycling Magazine (page 32 for those curious).  As such, tomorrow after your long ride you need to retain the helmet and get into the shower with it on.  (And to be clear here guys, we’re talking cycling helmet – keep your mind out of the gutters…unless you have a friend of course).  And if you don’t have a long ride tomorrow, then just wear it after your long run.  If you don’t have either of those tomorrow – then we needs to have a wee little discussion about training.

Think about it – you take that helmet everywhere with you on your bike.  Protecting your occasionally less than smart noggin whether or not it wants to.  Did anyone ask your helmet how it feels during a century ride with the blazing sun in the middle of the summer?  Nope.  How would you feel if someone just strapped you to their car racks and bumbled all over high heaven with you up there as ‘protection’.  See…makes you appreciate it now – doesn’t it?

So, go show it some love and clean it off.  But again…don’t be showing it too much love.  You know…like a certain Steve would.  Cause that could lead to an awkward moment.  And perhaps even some itsy-bitsy relationship problemo’s.


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  1. are you sure you’re getting enough blood to that there noggin’??? maybe your hat is too tight. :)

  2. I am sure people with aero helmets are going to be knocking the shampoo off the shelf in the shower…

  3. this might be the strangest post i’ve ever seen in the three plus years i’ve been blogging.

  4. but it’s hard to wash your hair properly.

  5. hilarious..

    my helmet probably thinks “I’m protecting this morons gray matter????” gheesh.

    wheres the shampoo???

  6. Um…I’m speechless.

  7. Outstanding idea. I’d heard of that recommendation, but had no idea there was a “day” for it now.

    Just don’t get carried away in there!

  8. But how do you make the shampoo mohawk?

  9. Hey!

    This ranks right up there with “Talk Like A Pirate Day”.

    I’m game after my ride tomorrow, LOL!

  10. Okay, first you are looking at a bike to “get lots of girls” and now showering with your helmet. Hmmmmm! Everything okay in DC?

  11. SLB

    And you laughed at my graph! I’m with Monica here?!?

  12. Viv

    That is too funny. I might do it tomorrow since that helmet is starting to stink a bit. A day late, but oh well.
    Double shower heads..whoohoo!

  13. Ride2Wk

    Actually if you are worried about protecting your head then you should shower (& drive) with a helmet on every day. Don’t UK hospital statistics show that more people get head injuries falling out of bed, falling off ladders, slipping in the bathroom or kitchen or while driving a car than people do while cycling?