New bike sure to ‘get you lots of girls’

When I’m searching for a new product I try to focus on whether or not it will meet my needs across a number of requirements.  Generally those requirements are specific to the vertical application associated with the product I’m buying.  But sometimes there are ancillary benefits outside of that vertical – ones that should absolutely be taken into account.  Sometimes these benefits are tangible – like a free widget tossed in, sometimes they are of a discount nature – like 20% off a second product.  And then sometimes these benefits are a little less tangible in nature.

A perfect example is this bike being offered on eBay


Now we’re not just talking a bike that you can glide down the runs at Whistler on a perfect spring skiing kinda day.    And we’re not just talking about a bike that has a “Super T Marzocchi front fork” or has “fully adjustable Rock Shox…to handle any terrain“.

Nope – we’re talking a bike that claims to “get you lots of girls”

Really, how many bike products you buy can claim that ancillary benefit?  You think that aero-bottle cage or CO2 cartridges is going to do that?  Or how ‘bout that sexy new seat?  I think not.  You might need those Rock Shox after all to handle all the girls.

And all in all – it does seem cheaper than some of the options presented to and utilized by certain NY governors.


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  1. I’m turned on just by the picture :-)

  2. ditto danielle. i’d do you…

  3. Well if that bike is “the second craziest mountain/ski bike ever made!”, one can only imagine what the number 1 craziest mountain/ski bike ever made…It must come with a chick magnet/GPS or something.

  4. ROTFLMAO!!!

    “I just LOVE the feel of the vibrations running all through my body! YES!!!”

  5. Monica and Danielle…consider the possibilities.

  6. my goodness, it’s HOT in here!

  7. SLB

    In the spirit of your comment on my graph ;-) personally I am more concerned that you were serching eBay with the criteria “get lots of girls”, c’mon isn’t buffalo musk enough for you!?!

  8. thats a rad bike…yikes