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Week in Review–September 9th, 2012

The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered … Read More Here

Size matters: Time for a bigger piece of wood

As I started putting together the initial Polar RC3 and Garmin FR10 reviews a few weeks ago, it became clear that in order to accommodate all of the watches I wanted to picture together in my typical size comparison photos … Read More Here

A Norwegian Runaround

There are few things I enjoy more than running in new places.  It’s an easy way to check out ones surroundings and get a bit of exercise in – especially after travelling. After making the relatively quick 800+ mile trek … Read More Here

The 2012 swim/bike/run gear I use list

A few weeks ago a reader reminded me that I hadn’t updated my previous gear list in years.  And while many of the core foundational items haven’t changed a ton – I figured I’d give the most comprehensive and updated … Read More Here

Our wanderings through the French countryside

Well, technically, the German, Swiss and French countryside.  But since we were in Germany for all of about a mile – it was mostly just the Swiss and French countryside. After leaving Eurobike on Friday, we meandered up to Zurich … Read More Here

The fun side of Eurobike: Day 2 in photos

Let’s get away from the sports tech and just talk about some of the more entertaining/interesting/strange things we saw at Eurobike.  You can rewind to Part 1 for our first day. For example, while bicycling with your dog on your … Read More Here

Eurobike Sports Technology Things That Didn’t Fit: Part II

This is a continuation of the cool little sports technology tidbits series I started this morning.  Here’s Part I if you want to catch up.  And with that, onto Part II!  Enjoy! — O-Synce GPS Bike Computers (and surprisingly cool … Read More Here

Eurobike Sports Technology Things That Didn’t Fit: Part I

There’s a gazillion things to see at Eurobike, and many of them simply don’t make the cut for a bigger full-sized post.  Sometimes it’s because they are too early in the development cycle and lack full details, sometimes because I … Read More Here

Updates from Tacx about upcoming new features, iPad trainer control app

I spent a good bit of time at Eurobike talking with the Tacx folks about their upcoming TTS 4.2 software update, as well as what’s in the pipeline for the one after that – version 4.3. I’ll be spending more … Read More Here