Quick FYI: StageONE power meter post updated with answers to a gazillion of your questions


Since there’s been a huge response on my StageONE power meter post (read: a ton of questions and a whole lot of people viewing it), I went ahead and sat down with the guys last night and walked through every one of the 50+ comments on the post and got answers to all your questions.  Plus, we talked about a few things not in those questions that I included along the way.

I took those Q&A’s and placed them all at the end post from earlier in the week, in the comments section (just scroll to the bottom).  In addition, I also stuffed up a big pile of new photos taken of the StageOne units here at Interbike. 

You can find all that goodness over there on the original post.  Just consider this a quick public service announcement.  Enjoy!

And thanks for reading!


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  1. Thank you for sharing. Good reading material.
    allance pellet machine

  2. KevinM

    Thanks for the update ray, as usual very helpful. however I’m still slightly confused – i was led to believe that the majority of PM’s are generally based on strain gauges. So how does this one work as surely as the unit is separate to the crank (just stuck on by the looks of it) it can’t measure the stress being put on it.

    Obviously I realise that Stages Cycling won’t tell everyone about their idea but if someone could explain in laymans terms I might be able to understand it abit more.

  3. Roy


    when you calibrate the Stages using your garmin or the iPhone Stages App, what’s the calibration value that’s displayed? mine initially displayed the calibration value of 989 (ADC value via the iphone app)….

    but today when I calibrate it, it’s a reading of 4092… and somehow today the cadence and power meter reading was wonky and 910XT didn’t manage to record any cadence and power data today…. sigh

    • That’s not good. Definitely get in touch with Stages support. :(

    • Vassilis

      Hi Roy,
      what was the outcome of your problem? I do have the same problem, the stages never worked I got this same number 4092 on the first try to calibrate.

    • Darren

      Hi Vassilis,

      I also have the same issue with “calibration 4092” on my stages PM. Just wondering if you know what the issue was or if Stages managed to fix it.



    • Vassilis

      Hi Darren,

      I contacted stages support and I ‘ve got a replacement. There was a defect at the strain gauges that measure the applied force.
      Must say that people at stages support are quick to respond and very professional!


  4. Darren

    Thats great news….thanks!
    By all accounts their customer service is really excellent.