And thus begins Interbike 2012…


I’ve successfully arrived in Las Vegas, ready to tackle another year at the massive bike show – Interbike.

I’ve got a full plate over the next two days and I’m looking forward to talking with a number of companies, especially those that weren’t at Eurobike a few weeks back (you can click there to catch-up on what you might have missed).

Looking at the crystal ball a bit, I wouldn’t expect to see too many surprises on the sports/bike technology front here this year – at least from established players in the industry.  All of them have made their major announcements at Eurobike.  You might see a few new items pop up from smaller players this week, but even then, most of the announcements have been made.

What you will likely see is further clarification on products and product direction, as well as a few minor announcements, information disclosures, or previews of things further down the line (i.e. Tacx iPad app, etc…).

That said – I’m here to cover what you’re looking for.  So as was the case with Eurobike, if you’ve got items you want me to check out, I’ll be happy to run them down!  One of the benefits to hitting up Eurobike first is that it has slightly lessened the load for Interbike.  Of course, we’ll see if that holds true by the end of the week.

Oh, and lastly – for those curious, I didn’t go to the Demo Days out in the desert this year (which his Mon/Tues ahead of the main show floor).  Partly because of conflicting meetings elsewhere, and partly because while I found it fun and interesting, there’s very little in the sports technology front out there – and none of which isn’t on the main show floor starting Wednesday.  And none of it is ever announced out there first.  Certainly a great venue if you’re aim is to demo a new bike or component, but less so for sports technology.

With that, be prepared for a torrent of posts over the next few days.  Keep in mind though that Vegas is on Pacific Time, so the posting is slightly skewed time-wise accordingly.

Thanks for reading – and remember to drop your suggestions below!


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  1. It would be interesting to see a write-up of all the options of power meter, that is… what is the status on all upcoming power meters, cost, and if they are pedal-based, crank-based, rear hub-based and how they differ.

  2. I really Brim Brothers provides more info on their shoe based power system along with some pricing targets. My Garmin Edge 500 could also use a refresh :)

  3. Now that RacerMate One is available, I would like to know when the remaining modules from the program might be up and running.

  4. It looks like Kurt Kinetic will be there… I would like to know if they have any plans to provide ANT+ support for their InRide product.

  5. More details on the Wahoo Kickr trainer please!

  6. Anonymous

    Looking forward to hearing more about The Stages Power Meter please!

  7. Anonymous

    Wi you be doing your turbo trainer round up onces the show has finished?

  8. More info on the Kickr (price/release date) and the Genius (stablity of new software, etc..) I have been in trainer purchase limbo for the past two months, waiting for that information and your review before I make a decision. Would love your help!

  9. Marc Grypton

    4 things:

    – road tubless wheel/tyre;
    -Garmin update on 800 and Vector;
    -Tacx ANT+ turbo/powermeter;
    – Power2Max

  10. T5

    I’m with above…it’s coming up on indoor training season for most of us, so ranking of recommended power meters and indoor trainers that “will be” available this year, and not talked about for 2 years(ie Vector).

  11. Ryan

    Hi Ray. When you run in to the Garmin guys, you could always drop a suggestion about a feature for the Garmin 310/910: Custom Multisport Mode – i.e. define a pace alert for the swim, power alerts for the bike and HR alerts for the run… Also be nice to have custom messages at predefined intervals (Mile 8 of the bike gets you “Have a Gel”).

  12. Tim K

    Why doesn’t Garmin do a “random route generator” on the 800 the way the new MIO will do? I would love that. Just tell it I want to do X miles and finish where I started and follow a new route each time.

  13. Anonymous

    Is the motoactv discontinued or being upgraded?

  14. Eli

    Any news on the replacement for the Garmin Edge 800?

  15. I would like to see a run down on Bluetooth LE uptake, specifically integration with existing products, and any new products that will use this technology. I’ve invested in some of the Wahoo BTLE equipment for my wife and me, and would like to see what else is on the horizon.

    Also, +1 for more details on KICKR (e.g., price, release date). Although it is sunny and 80 degrees today, we’re fast approaching indoor training season in Seattle!

  16. Ray-
    While @ Interbike — I assume that you will be chatting with the Garmin folks. Please pass on the following:
    1. Thank you for the recent FR 910xt update.
    2. In the next 910 update can they please fix the Multisport mode Open Water Swim bug. It is hard to conceive a watch that is advertised (see Matt Lieto ad) and is meant to be a multisport watch that one cannot upload a triathlon without a bug??!!?? The OW swim leg is still wonky and doesn’t work. If I upload a brick (B-T2-R) there are no issues.
    3. In the next fix can they please address the mile pace bug (when running) — it still reports 24 seconds as the mile pace when looking at laps in the history.
    Thanks! Have fun at Interbike – keep up the good work – get some sleep.

  17. Peter

    Quoc Ngo said…
    I really Brim Brothers provides more info on their shoe based power system along with some pricing targets. My Garmin Edge 500 could also use a refresh :)

    I agree. I’m holding off on the purchase of an Edge 500 to see if Garmin makes an announcement. It’s been almost 3 years since the Edge 500 was introduced. Long time for modern electronics.

  18. Kris

    Hi Ray,…speaking with Garmin folks are they planning any update for the Edge 800 so solve the altitude/slope issue (at least to bring the 800 at the same accuracy level than the 705 if not better)…and power features like AVG FTP 3″,10″, 30″ and/or avg 3,10,30£ power ZONE?
    About turbos i read somewhere that Tacx Bushido/Genius can be linked at 3rd party ANT+ power meter; in order to get more info also about power feature of their new software, could you ask them those things?

    Best regards

  19. I know it’s not your focus but I’d like to see a post on the new technology for bike fitting. There should be interesting developments from Retul and Cyclelogic.