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How to fit two triathlon bikes into a really small private airplane

There’s some smart nuggets amongst ya’ll yesterday in the guessing game around details about the picture I posted.  You can read all the guesses here.  And here’s the original the picture: Some of you picked up on two key items … Read More Here

Running in a Blizzard

It’s cold. Really really damn cold. It’s now Wednesday evening, and the weather has settled down a bit (though, not above 0*F).  But, it wasn’t always that way. (Regan National airport in DC, as I left Sunday night…my little plane … Read More Here

A look inside Lance Armstrong’s bike shop

While down in Austin this past week I had a chance to checkout Lance’s bike shop, which is called Mellow Jonny’s.  Before I went I checked out the website – which honestly came off a bit over the top.  They … Read More Here