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Shenandoah Squirrel Showdown

Alternate titles: “My new girl is bi”*, “Sorry Mr. Squirrel”, “Rainmaker: 1, Squirrel: 0”…. So my Sunday ride started more or less like any other. I got up at the asscrack of dawn (literally, before dawn) and jetted out to … Read More Here

Battle of the Brownie: Chocolate Fudge Brownie vs Brownie Batter

After a long winters nap, I bring back the Ben and Jerry’s review series.  Last we left off, Chocolate Brownie Fudge had edged out the same flavor but of the “Lighten Up” variety.  Now, it’s time to move out of … Read More Here

Blue Angels, Blue Suits*, Blue Ridge Mountains

This weekend was both busy and relaxing at the same time.  Just depended on which day you were looking at. As we left off on Friday, I had finished up the Bike to Work with the bagel, and then biked … Read More Here

Whistler Weekend Wrapup

I’m generally not content with staying in any one place very long. So after five days back in DC following Wildflower, it was time to jet back to the west coast for some international skiing action. Oh, and the fact … Read More Here

Never shop on an empty stomach

Note, my list only has 5 ‘true’ items on it.  It has three others that are inked in on every piece of paper (it was a free shopping list magnetic notepad at some grocery store years back).  My total items … Read More Here

Trust the Fork

I think my weekends are getting busier.  And not just from training – but life in general.  I’m not sure at what point combustion will occur, but I’ll let ya know if it happens. Friday: The Washington National’s moved from … Read More Here

Pain, Noodles, Less Pain, Bike Bunnies

I semi-intended on writing a blog post up Friday afternoon about one thing.  And then I planned to do it Friday night.  And then Saturday I had a different one planned, and then I realized I spent every waking second … Read More Here

Are you in the lost and found bin?

We’ve all eagerly awaited for our race-day photos to appear on the photographing companies web site.  Sometimes we get awesome shots, most times we get unflattering shots…and then sometimes we’re missing in action.  You then ask yourself: How could they … Read More Here

Milking the chocolate cow

There is no greater food than chocolate.  I’ll do just about anything for chocolate.  Perhaps the only thing that’s greater than chocolate itself, is some other item covered in chocolate.  Like chocolate donuts, chocolate covered raisins,  or chocolate lava cakes.  … Read More Here

Sausage Fest!

It was time.  It was time for a collection of the male species to gather and fest.  This could only be done properly in the company of over 25 sausages.  We’re talkin’ about tasty, juicy, thick and plump ones.  Ya … Read More Here

Quite simply: Dinner

So after only one workout today – 3,000 yards (split in two due to a minor incident at the pool, I ended up lounging on the pool deck for an hour) – I had more energy than I knew what … Read More Here

The Greatest Store on Earth

No not Ikea.  Not your local LBS.  Not REI.  It’s Costco.  Cause where else can you buy a massive gazebo, a pair of jeans and a full uncut beef tenderloin all in the same place? My day was basically a … Read More Here

The people who say KNEE!

Those who follow my blog regularly may know that I managed to dink up my knee back in November. In short, after the Marine Corps Marathon I got into an overuse injury when I continued to train harder and harder … Read More Here

Tri State Ride (aka: A Cold 55 Miles)

Today’s weather was looking much more promising than last week’s Saturday ride.  The weather had peaked a bit above freezing a few times over the course of the week, melting off any snow on the pavement.  And there hadn’t been … Read More Here

Supersize Me

A few weeks ago my brother, dad and I were at Target in the toy aisle having all sorts of fun with the various kids toys when I stumbled upon a rather interesting toy set (side note: We were shopping … Read More Here

Recipe: Pepperoni Bread

What is Pepperoni Bread you ask?  Ahh..it is the greatest creation of all time.  Simple, yet great.  Bread, cheese, pepperoni – all rolled up into one easy to consume appetizer (perhaps too easy).  In my family this stuff makes the … Read More Here

A Slushie in Philly

I haven’t been to an NFL game in probably 10-15 years – at least.  The last one that I would have gone to would have been the Seahawks when they still played in the Kingdome.  Not to say I don’t … Read More Here

Gobble Gobble…and more Gobble Gobble

I’m stuffed.  No seriously, I’ve been eating nonstop for days now.  Combining my annual two week ‘rest period’ with Thanksgiving was officially a bad-bad idea.  The good news though is that since I left home (DC) Tuesday night, I haven’t … Read More Here

Forced Vacation

“You need to take your vacation” So I was told today I need to find a way to take 120 hours of vacation time before the end of the calendar year.  Further, that doesn’t include 48 hours of holidays that … Read More Here

Pushing through a 95MPH Headwind

I’m sitting here at 36,000 feet and cruising across over endless farmland with a solid 100+MPH headwind, working our way towards Seattle for a quick 48 hour set of meetings. I’ve traded a very wet (and warm) Washington DC, for … Read More Here

Taste Testing: Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Brownie Fudge vs Low Fat Version

Yes folks – you know you wanted it!  A complete comparison between the two variants of the same Ben & Jerry’s flavor: Chocolate Brownie Fudge.  One is the ‘normal’ version, the other the ‘low fat’ version (speaking of which, did … Read More Here